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  Last week we informed you about a open records request. That request, filed by Michelle Hensel was provided this past weekend, and contained within the records are various documents and statements that has Louisville talking, and people gawking at the news.

  Within the reports is a “Voluntary Witness Statement” filed on May 19, 2009 at 2:30 p.m. by an individual believed to be a vetinarian technician. This individual gives a detailed account of when this individual attempted to euthinize a cat. When the vein blew, “Dr. Meloche took the syringe from me and IC’d the kitten. After that kitten Dr. Meloche then IC’d the other (2 kittens. The kitten still had reflexs and were not sedated. He did not hit the heart on the first try so he poked til he found their hearts.”

  The method described in this report is called “intracardiac euthansia” and is known to be extremely painful and discomforting. In many states, this type of euthanasia is allowed only if the animal is comatose or heavily sedated. According to the complaint, these felines were neither. According to the Louisville Metro Government Personnel Policies’ Principles of Behavior, which Dr. Gilles Meloche would have to abide by, it states that “Employees shall obey and uphold the laws of the United States, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, political subdivisions and jurisdictions thereof, and the Louisville Metro Government”. Many animal lovers and veterinarians are debating if Dr. Meloche is in violation of this policy.

  Also documented in the open records request is the various squabbles between Dr. Gilles Meloche and Dr. Kendall Clay, who was a veterinarian with Metro Animal Services. Part of the documentation of this squabble is a memorandum issued by Karen Adams, the Compliance Specialist in the Louisville Metro Government’s Department of Human Resources. In a statement detailing the complaint that Dr. Clay made regarding Dr. Meloche, Mrs. Adams wrote “Dr. Meloche has stated that he has never been intimately involved with any staff of Metro Animal Services. He stated he regards your relationship as consensual. He states that at the dinner meeting, you sat next to him and kissed him, and initiated a desire for a personal meeting. Following a dinner meeting, Dr. Meloched admitted to pursuing you for clarification. ”

  Because Dr. Clay had made a “decision to not provide any additional information” a critical decision was made. Adams further writes that “Based on your decision, the alleged behavior of Dr. Meloche cannot be substantiated at this time as sexual harassment, or as a consensual relationship.” Dr. Clay also had issues with Dr. Meloche regarding treatment of animals that were still  in the system as owned by Metro Animal Services, when Dr. Meloche stated that Dawn Simpson, (whose sexual harassment complaint against Dr. Meloche was substantiated by the Human Resources’ Department).

  Still more issues are documented in a detailed email from Sherry Goodman, an officer of Metro Animal Services regarding the disarray and mishandling of officers and animals by Dr. Gilles Meloche, and the interim director, Wayne Zalinsky during the floods that caused an evacuation in August.

  We repeat… more is yet to come regarding Dr. Meloche.

  We also further state that the mayor Jerry Abramson’s reputation is also being noted, and hurt by many that have come to realize his tactless ability to surround himself with individuals who display their own incompetence to hold to ethical standards,and the mayors inability to surround himself with ethical individuals.

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No M.A.S.!

 Through recent developments, it is no wonder why Dr. Gilles Maloche would desire to resign at this time. A recent federal lawsuit, and a sexual harrassment suit slapped against him and various other government officials  would cause anyone to resign- if they had placed themselves into the predicament that Dr. Maloche has. The problem with Dr. Maloche, or dare I state that one of the many problems with Dr. Maloche is the connections that he has to the mayor. Both Dr. Maloche, and the soon to be interim director, Wayne Zalinsky have been, and currently are backed by Mayor Jerry Abramson.

  When asked if he was going to fire Maloche amidst all of the allegations, Jerry Abramson stated that he was not given the opportunity. That is indeed a lie. The sexual harrassment complaint by Dawn Simpson ended in January, AND it was substantiated. If the mayor does not find the opportunity to be rid of this hinderance which has defined the Metro Animal Services within nine months, then it is because the mayor does not desire to be rid of him. Further is the fact that Wayne Zalinsky, who is also mentioned in the lawsuit as he was Dawn Simpson’s attorney, is also proving to have a controversial reputation.

  All the mayors men in M.A.S seem to remain unlinked to the mayor, for now. The problem is that all major links will sooner or later come home to roost. Until it does, all the kings horses and men will continue to fall, and the reputation of the city could be what breaks from it.

  Then again, more is to come in the story…

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Muck for Metro Animal Services

  Last week, Kelly Downard (Rep.- 16th Dist.), requested that the Louisville Metro Auditor, Michael Norman, audit the Metro Animal Services. Local media sources announced that this audit would be ready in approximately two to three weeks.

  After receiving various bits of information that there could be more investigations on Metro Animal Services and the director of Metro Animal Services, Dr. Gilles Meloche, regarding the  recorrd keeping on various financial transactions, Mr. Stephen Haag, the Coummunications Director for the Minority Caucus issued the following statement at our request:

  “Members of the Metro Council are focused on getting back the results of an audit by the Metro Auditor. The Metro Auditor is currently conducting a review of Metro Animal Services (MAS) at the request of OVersight Committee Chairman Kelly Downard (District 16) and is expected to file a report in the coming month. Councilman Downard and other representatives have received infomration from persons associated with MAS over the course of the past month and are currently investigating some of the statements of those sources.”

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