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Off to the RACES…(forget the horses)

The race for mayor has certainly been the center of attention here in Louisville, and it has gotten off with a *BANG* this week.

  The Courier Journal did a fair of reporting the debate between the Republican mayoral candidates, and that is why we link it up right here:

  Besides that, the races have continued looking forward into the weekend with Hal Heiner’s campaign looking to go to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade that is expected to last from 2:30-4:30 p.m. on Saturday. The parade is expected to start at the intersection of Baxter and Broadway and continue to the Mid City Mall.

  Earlier this week the Hal for Mayor campaign brought forth Heiner’s  10 Point Plan for Accountability and Transparancy in Government:

  Heiner’s 10 Point Plan includes the following:
1.    Comprehensive Audit of All Metro Departments
2.    Metro Council Oversight on Expenditures
3.    Posting Louisville’s “Legal Books” Online
4.    Performance Metrics and Measurements in Government
5.    Post a Debt Calendar and Schedule Online
6.    Compile List of Non-essential Properties – Then Sell Them
7.    Issue RFPs for Development Deals
8.    When’s My Street Getting Paved?
9.    Who’s Driving that Metro Vehicle?
10.  Publish Financial Data for Quasi-Governmental Agencies

  David Tandy has also made some releases regarding his campaign for mayor. Here is a text release for his plans for education, should he be elected:


David Tandy, Louisville Metro Mayoral Candidate, released his plan to provide the necessary tools for every child in Louisville to learn in a safe and supportive environment.  Tandy met with voters at an education forum at Newburg Community Center this evening.

“I envision a Louisville where the community works together to ensure that primary school students learn basic skills, and all high school students graduate prepared to successfully enter the workforce or college,” said Tandy.  “I am committed to ensure that every Louisville family has the supports they need – whether social, economic, or medical – to be successful.”

Tandy’s plan will ensure that primary school students learn basic skills, and all high school students graduate prepared to successfully enter the workforce or college, part of David’s vision includes:

·      Making libraries, computers, and gyms available to the public after school so that our education resources are available to the entire community, and to keep children occupied between 3 and 6 p.m., when they often are unsupervised.  ·      Recruiting parents and volunteers to support our students with additional academic help and through programs such as Security Dads (where fathers patrol hallways, offer tutoring help, and attend after-school events).

  • Promoting events like “Light’s On After School” or “School’s In” night to encourage parents to meet their children at school to help with homework, visit with on-site tutors, and meet with teachers and staff.
  • Helping to secure funding for full time nurses throughout JCPS to promote and support healthy students and to lower the overall absenteeism rate.
  • Expanding after-school, weekend, and summer programs through school-based community centers or other non-profit entities such as faith-based community development centers, providing positive activities that encourage educational achievement and prevent delinquency.”

  And for those of you who do not believe that the union primarily focuses it’s attention on Democrat candidates, the first union to prove you wrong has sided with David Tandy; endorsing him for mayor.

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