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Should Pitino be packing?

  That seems to be the question on a growing number of Cardinal fans as many wrestle with what is arguably one of the most dissappointing schedules in recent history for the men’s basketball team. Fans that are faithful to Rick Pitino cite his incredible record at the University of Kentucky; yet others are not as easily convinced.

  Earlier this year Tom Jurich sent Steve Kragthorpe back to Oklahoma  after dismal records at the University of Louisville, but some fans are stating that Pitino’s record is not as impressive as they would like. Many individuals see his recent issues with Karen Sypher affecting the team and discipline, and some are tired of not being able to get into the final game. Further frustrating fans at this point is the fact that Louisville may not make it into the tournament at all this year.

  Accusations of Pitino’s inability to coach and his statements of integrity and lifestyle getting in the way of reality are beginning to emerge from segments of  the population that once supported him continually. With the rise in rage against Pitino emerging, as well as the history of how Tom Jurich has supported his friends, as well as the inability for the Louisville Cardinals to be a consistent team, one has to question: Should Pitino be packing?

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