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Getn on Getn On

Well, (yawn), it is time to get that new year in politics started right, with unfinished business.

  Ethics Ordinance, still no pass, and still looks like it may not go, (though individuals are stating that it is).

  Tom Owens is the new Council president. This is much better than Butler, but Democrats have still shown that they choose to buck the old partnership that they had in regards with the position.

  Let’s see, oh yeah, looks like Hal Heiner has the top spot right now in some circles as the front runner for the mayor’s position.

  Courier-Journal’s Joseph Gerth, still wants to go after Jim King.

  Speaking of King, he may just be getting some more looks, and we are not talking about from voters either.

  Bob Henderson, Rick Blackwell, and most of the Democrats in council chose to vote politics instead of principle and install a former legislative aid with absolutely no experience with the fire department, onto the PRP board. (No, we are not kidding).

  Yep, it looks like we are getn on getn on here in Louisville.

  Perhaps, we should get back in the saddle again…

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