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Fire Fight Lacks Heat, Democrats to Address Flame(s)

  In a response to Doug Hawkins’ most recent email regarding the PRP Fire Department board vote, Tony Hyatt, Communications Director for the Majority Caucus has informed us that there have only been approximately 20 calls asking for a no vote to the four council members listed in the release. Further, “all agree that the email is typical of Councilman Hawkins”.

  Mr. Hyatt stated in a recent email, “In checking with them, all agree that the email is typical of Councilman Hawkins. The only difference is now he says what the Mayor has done is not illegal…but it goes against the intent of the law. State Law is very clear that when the election in June is not certified, there is a vacancy. It becomes the Mayor’s responsibility to fill that vacancy and that is what has been done in this case.

  “Each of the four mentioned Council Members have been subject to misinformation put out by Councilman Hawkins office over the last few years. They will address their concerns at Thursday’s Council meeting.”

  As the vote winds near to finish the task of determining who will be on the PRP Fire Board, it appears that the releases from Hawkins’ office has not generated the attention that he has wanted, and the majority caucus is prepared to address this issue in force tomorrow.

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