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The Fight Still Packs Some Heat…

  The fight between Doug Hawkins, Bob Henderson, and Rick Blackwell are still in the news, and it still packs some heat.

  After yesterday’s post, Doug Hawkins, (Republican- District 25), sent out the following press release:


Mayor Ignores Election Results!

Appoints his own nominee to PRP Fire Board!

Abramson clearly violates intent of law!

Residents who live in the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection district went to the polls on September 19, 2009 to vote for a representative on the fire board.  By law the citizens are to elect four people to the board of trustees.  After the election, the votes were counted and verified that Michael A. Priddy, Sr. had won the election.  The PRP Fire Protection Board of Trustees certified Michael A. Priddy, Sr. as the winner and sent his name to the Mayor for nomination to the Metro Council.

The Mayor, however, ignored the results of the public election and has nominated his own person to fill the vacant position on the board.  The intent of the law is for there to be four people elected to the board and three more appointed by the mayor.  In this way, there is no political majority.  What Jerry Abramson is doing, while not illegal, very clearly violates the intent of the law.

Priddy has lived his whole life in PRP and has over 20 years of working experience in the fire district.  He is a decorated life-saver and only retired from the fire department due to a work-related injury.

The Mayor’s appointment, Rosemary Mattingly (a political insider), has no firefighting experience and is the former legislative aide to Councilman Bob Henderson.

The Mayor’s decision to disregard the election results establishes a dangerous precedent.  This tells the people of PRP that the Mayor wants to run this autonomous board – instead of the voters of the district.

“My fear is the Mayor is positioning himself to take over PRP’s fire taxing district, which has a multi-million dollar budget,” says Councilman Hawkins. 

The Louisville Metro Council’s Contract and Appointments Committee reviewed the Mayor’s nomination for this position on Wednesday, December 9.

The Metro Council will now vote on this issue this Thursday, December 17, 2009.

What Jerry Abramson is doing very clearly violates the intent of the law.

Please callthe following four council members and ask them to reject the mayor’s nomination

and stand up for the will of PRP residents.

Bob Henderson        574-1114

Vickie Welch           574-1113

Rick Blackwell        574-1112

Mary Woolridge     574-1103

Don’t let them side with the mayor like they did with the

Arena, Library Tax, Cordish, and Bomb Storage Facility!”

  A statement from Tony Hyatt, Communications Director for the Majority Caucus has been requested, but he was unavailable for comment at the time of the request.

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