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O Great Copenhagen Conference (and the lies continue)…

  Many individuals have been caught up into the idea that global warming is a fact and that it could, would, will cause the end of the world. These individuals are supportive of the efforts of governments throughout the world, and encourage these governments to unite as one massive body to dictate and tax citizens, (primarily Americans), for “causing” global warming.

  While the government pushes forward with it’s agenda, various media outlets, including the National Geographic, has sought to promote the idea for the need of government to interfere with the lives of mankind to “stop” global warming.

  As a result of these various facts, hackers brought to the public knowledge a series of emails which supposedly exposed various scientists throughout the world as attempting to deceive the public into believing the “global warming” concept.  The scientists have now utilized media to attempt to rectify the Global Warming concept and save their careers. Though some questions are answered easily, (such as the utilization of the word “trick”), other questions have abounded, and the “scientists” have refused to address questions raised by various individuals regarding certain statements and points made regarding the “warming” of the world.

  Here is some concepts or points to ponder that can be found at the website:

  According to Dennis T. Avery “The Earth’s warming since 1850 totals about 0.7 degrees C. Most of this occurred before 1940.

The cause: a long, moderate 1,500-year climate cycle first discovered in the Greenland ice cores in 1983. The cycle abruptly raises our temperature 1 to 3 degrees C above the mean for centuries at a time–as it did during the Roman Warming (200 BC to 600 AD) and Medieval Warming (950 to1300 AD).”

  So what about the effect of CO2 in the air; doesn’t that directly effect  the world’s temperature? According to Mr. Avery, the temperature started increasing 800 years prior to the carbon levels in the air during all four ice ages mentioned in Al Gore’s movie. Further troubling is the fact that the level of the temperature has shown to have a direct correlation with sunspots, as opposed to the carbon in the air.”There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing, or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” says Henry Svensmark, whose quote is included in the report.

  The article is packed with information that also has links to other sources. Perhaps we should check it out BEFORE we check out the agenda amongst other nations. It could save this country of a great deal of anxiety, (and money).

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