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Shaughnessy Seeks To Steal From Christian Mission (Not a New Story)

  Tim Shaughnessy is a former student of Jefferson County Technical College in Louisville, Kentucky, and is a current state senator. For those that have been reading the papers recently, you would already know that he is also looking to steal the land that was purchased by Wayside Christian Mission.

  In utilizing a legal theft method called “eminent domain”, Shaugnessy has encouraged JCTC to look into taking the property that they have been wanting for little, to nothing. Though the property is currently owned and utilized by Wayside Christian Mission has a hotel to those who have no home or hope, Shaugnessy has sought to have the land taken for a percentage of the price it was bought for.

  Tim Shaughnessy has stated that the land could be utilized for the purposes of increasing the college, and since eminent domain is essentially the state or federal government forcing individuals to sell or leave property for the purpose of creating  various buildings and roads, (and airports), beneficial to the purpose of the government, he has encouraged this method.

  The problem is, this is not new. Go to and see what was reported in June of this year…

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