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Courier-Journal Campaigns to Cancel King

Recently the Courier-Journal has ran numerous articles that has been questioned by other media outlets. Bill Lamb, if Fox 41 questioned their need to run a host of stories regarding the divorce of Jim and Rebecca King, as well as the allegations of spouse abuse that those documents contain. Lamb, and others in the media, have stated that divorce files almost thirty years old have nothing to do with a mayoral race. The Courier-Journal has pressed the issue by taking the case to court in effort to ensure that the case does not get sealed, thereby ensuring that the public does not receive any information pertinent to the divorce. The Courier-Journal has continually stated that since Mr. King is a candidate for a high public office, the information should be accessible to the public and they should be allowed to decide for themselves if the information is important to contemplate as the mayor’s race heats up with three major contenders.

  This past weekend, the Courier-Journal had another article in it’s pages regarding Mr. Jim King in regards to an email that the King campaign issued about a fund-raiser to former St. Xavier alumni. Though the issuance of the email, and the matters of divorce can be argued as relevant to the race for mayor, various individuals associated with this site has discovered the real reasoning and motives behind the Courier-Journal’s “reporting” of Mr. King’s personal misdeeds. Beyond those motives is the fact that only one reporter has continually released these “reports” to the public.

  Ever since the Courier-Journal was shown the documents on the first filing of Rebecca King, Joseph Gerth has reported on the divorce and almost every other story about Jim King. The fact that this one man has been “reporting” the various stories on King is not coincidental, according to various sources. According to various sources from within the Courier-Journal to city hall, Mr. Gerth was provided the stories on Jim King, not only because of his position as reporter of politics, but because of the Courier-Journal’s continual endorsement for another candidate. The strongest opponent to that candidate is, in the opinion of various individuals of the Courier-Journal’s building, is Jim King, current council representative of District 10.

   According to a variety of sources, The Courier-Journal already has a candidate that they have unofficially endorsed. That man is Greg Fischer, the former businessman and an individual who, as of early November, had raised a considerable amount of money for his campaign. According to another story by Mr. Gerth, Mr. Fischer had raised a comparable amount of money to Mr. King. Though this aspect is true, Mr. King had a major obstacle that Mr. Fischer would have to overcome- recognition.

  Mr. Jim King was well known in the public eye, as he had been president of a bank, former president of the Louisville Metro Council, and co-chaired on some important committees in Louisville Metro Council. Though the public had known this, the public had also known of some of his misdeeds regarding the election of his daughter, Katie King, as judge. In effort to enhance the opportunity for Mr. Greg Fischer to be noticed and enhance his opportunity to be elected, the Courier-Journal has had to produce stories that would help “exposing Jim King as a questionable character” says one source.

  After looking through the history of stories regarding Jim King, it was easily noticed that the stories mentioning Jim King by name and in a negative light began in late September, and the majority of them are written by Joseph Gerth. More telling than the articles, or reports which are excluded from The Courier Journal, and should be well known to Joseph Gerth and editors at the Courier Journal.

  One such story was the Newburg Festival Breakfast that was held on September 5. The three big players in the candidacy of mayor, Jim King, David Tandy (District 4 council member and current President), and Mr. Greg Fischer were all in attendance at that event. Various area politicians were reported to be at this event, including Congressman Jon Yarmuth, former councilwoman Denise Bentley, and current councilwoman Barbara Shanklin. At this meeting, it is reported that Jim King had “a solid block of supporters present, including Denise Bentley and Rob Holtzman, (see This story was never made it to the pages of the Courier-Journal, despite the fact that Congressman Yarmuth discussed his most important topic- healthcare.

  With questions regarding the Courier-Journal’s reporting of Jim King being questioned, therealville has asked informants why the Journal would desire Greg Fischer to be a candidate over David Tandy. The answer from sources has been two-fold: 1) Because they believe that a businessman would be more dedicated and capable of ensuring the prosperity of their business and 2) Individuals within the Courier-Journal are concerned regarding his position on a slew of recent ordinance proposals.

  Though many questions yet remain regarding this topic of motives of “reporting” remain unanswered, the informants consistently assured that the Courier-Journal has many other stories that could potentially come forth if necessary. According to many sources, the list of Jim King’s enemies is rather lengthy. Some of those stories had been alluded to on various blog sites, and the potential of any story to come out through the Courier-Journal that can be substantiate, is great.


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  1. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

    Comment by SandraLima | December 19, 2009 | Reply

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