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Hello, Council? Yes, We Would Like A Strong Ethics Bill…

  Louisville Metro Council has yet to  pass an ordinance that ensures that all metro employees be governed by strong ethic legislation. This failure to produce such legislation has been perplexing and troubling to various people throughout the area.

  Louisville has long been desirous to show the nation that it can compete with larger, more dominant cities. The perception that we are a strong, idealistic, and capable peoples has been attempted to be displayed in the past years by obtaining professional basketball teams- and we failed. We have a mayor who has attempted to re-interpret studies in effort to make Louisville look good, only to receive reports by research groups that show things such as Louisville being a pit for pornography gawkers. We have even attempted to utilize religion by stating such facts as Louisville has the larges dominant black congregation in all of Kentucky at St. Stephen’s Baptist Church, and Louisville is also host to the largest church in Kentucky, and fifteenth largest in the United States, found at Southeast Christian Church. This is undermined by the fact that the murders increase every year in Louisville, as do the accusations of various public officials and entities committing questionable acts.

  How do we rectify these issues? These issues are, oddly enough, symptoms of a problem; not the problem itself. These symptoms are evidence of something anyone, should they choose to be honest, must confess. These symptoms are evidence that man’s heart is wicked, that man is corrupt, and in need of repair. Since government can not, or will not, turn to the correct entity in effort to repair their own hearts, in is absolutely necessary to ensure a strong ethical legislation to keep them from acting in inethical manner.

  Strong ethical legislation will benefit the city in two major ways:

1) It keeps employees from acting inethically towards themselves, each other, and the community.

2) It keeps the community, and other workers from making baseless accusations regarding questionable acts. With strong ethical legislation, there are no questionable acts, there are only those that are correct, and those that are not.

  Sadly, here in Louisville, compromise is the norm, much to the chagrin of the public. Officials here continually desire to compromise ethics based upon politics, not policy. It is, and has been various individuals in both parties that have weakened the legislation by demanding that they be heard. Who will hear Louisvillians?

  It is absolutely essential that Louisville have a strong ordinance on ethics. A strong, ethical government  precedes a stonger, more stable community. By showing restraint from certain actions, responsibility for actions, and accountability for err in actions, this ordinance can bring about the change that this city has been longing for. With every verbal shot that shoots from the mouth of politicians amongst each other, there is a shot that rings out through our city streets that kills another citizen. A government that governs without restraint is exemplified by a people who continually refuse to exhibit restraint. With every delay to enact an ordinance that this community needs is the very evidence that these leaders are more concerned with their own politics, instead of understanding the urgency within the community.

  Hello, Council? Yes, we would like a strong ethics bill- NOW!

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