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Ethics Issues…

  All of Louisville, and much of Kentucky, is now aware of the various ethical issues that plague many within the Louisville Metro Government, but few citizens are aware of the lack of progress regarding a strong Ethics Ordinance.

  Three days ago, Tony Hyatt, the Director of Communications of The Majority Caucus of Louisville Metro Council released the following statement:



Louisville – Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) has announced the meeting of the Ethics Work Group of the Government Accountability Committee will be at 4:00pm on Monday November 9th.

            The group will gold regular meetings every Monday at 4:00pm with the exception of Monday, November 16th. That meeting will be at 5:30pm.

            The Ethics Work Group is in the process of reviewing two proposed ethics ordinances for Metro Government. One is sponsored by Council members Marianne Butler (D-15) and Jon Ackerson (R-18). The other is sponsored by Councilman Ken Fleming (R-7).

            The Ethics Work Group meeting will be carried live on Metro TV, Insight Cable Channel 25 and will be streamed live on the Metro Council home page at”

  Though there was a workgroup meeting, the purpose of the group is not exactly accurate, though it is “technically”. The fact is that the workgroup was forced to occur because of a meltdown in the process by Brent Ackerson, (Democrat-26th District). Sources state that the Democrats in Council are pushing hard against the bill brought to the council by Ken Fleming for various reasons including the “accountability” issue, and the fact that it would allow more light to be shone on issues that have, and are currently occurring in various government departments. According to the same sources, mayor Jerry Abramson is not supportive of Fleming’s bill, though it reflects many aspects of examples throughout the nation. Many individuals are stating that Councilman Jim King is attempting to push a vote through, or the bill out of council so that he can continue to do well in his bid for mayor.

  Further complications are that Republican Jon Ackerson has co-sponsored the bill with Marianne Butler. This relationship has been brought about because, in an email from Jon Ackerson, Councilman Ken Fleming, whose ordinance was first co-sponsored by Council President David Tandy, (Democrat- 4th District), did not allow an item from Ackerson to be admitted in the ordinance. According to sources close to Fleming, the ordinance was prepared and had already received a co-sponsor long before Ackerson approached Fleming.

  In light of the recent happenings with Metro Animal Services, many are seeing the need for a strong ethics ordinance, and various individuals, such as Democrat Tina Ward-Pugh, are attempting to assist in providing a bill that would be benefiical to the people of Louisville.

  Then, there is that “accountability” thing. Many democrats have hinged upon the “accountability” that is necessary to those issuing complaints, particularly false complaints. The problem with this theory is that from the genesis of this country, our nation’s Founding Fathers held that it was the public that was to hold the government accountable. The ordinance proposed by Butler does not allow the citizens to do such.

  Various individuals in government have stated that they believe that Butler’s ordinance will ensure that people file only claims that are “true” but her bill also has such a heavy fee attached to it that it could, according to others, keep people from reporting truth thinking that they may be punished to do so.

  Both sides are asking the public to step up and to speak out regarding the ethics bill. Recently one individual spoke in front of the Council regarding corruption in government. Many citizens speak out about the corruption, but the government here in Louisville are working very slowly and could possibly ensure that corruption is a thing of the “norm”.

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