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Ethics Workgroup Meets Tonight

  Despite the fact that Ethics groups in Washington D.C. and state levels are organized to ensure that both parties are equally represented, Brent Ackerson (Democrat- 26th District), issued a letter approximately two weeks ago informing Council President David Tandy, and the rest of the Louisville Metro Council’s Ethics Ad-hoc committee that their committee was not in accordance with the rules governing the Council. Many familiar to the issue believe that the move was made to ensure that a strong Ethics Ordinance was not presented to the Council by the end of the year, though others state that it was to ensure that the ordinance was brought about in agreement with the current rules.

  Since presenting the letter, the Ethics issue has been in a bit of disarray, and certain groups have had to be reorganized to ensure the Ethcs Ordinance does not die in council. In effort to ensure the progress of creating a strong enough ordinance to bring to the council, and discuss the various issues and difficulties between the two proposals, a workgroup has been established.

  Members of the workgroup that will meet tonight at 5:30 p.m. are Tina Ward-Pugh, (Democrat- 9th District), Marianne Butler, (Democrat- 15th District), Ken Fleming, (Republican- 7th District), and Kevin Kramer, (Republican- 11th District).


  The workgroup consists of two democrats

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