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American Center for Law & Justice raises concerns with Healthcare Bill

Yesterday the American Center for Law & Justice, (ACLJ) president Jay Sekulow sent out an email stressing the concerns that his organization has with the current Healthcare Bill released by Nancy Pelosi. Following is a text of this email:

  “This is a critical week on Capitol Hill. 

Speaker Pelosi has unveiled her roughly-2,000-page version of the health care legislation and has indicated that she will call for a vote of the full House later this week

Of highest priority to us is the multitude of abortion-related funding problems in itThe Pelosi bill fully injects the government into the abortion business.”

  The email sent to various individuals also encourages denotions so that the organization can continue to address the concerns with this, and other issues dealing with the culture in America. This email also states that various members of the ACLJ are currently in Washington D.C. at the present time to address the Healthcare issue: ”
I’m in Washington, D.C., this week leading our legal and legislative teams to KEEP THAT MOMENTUM GOING.  Our Government Affairs office is also playing a key role in speaking out against the flaws in this legislation and letting Congress know about them.”

  To find out more regarding this organization’s stance on the Healthcare Bill, contact them through their site


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