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Tandy Sponsors Bill Providing Fire Fighters Overtime Pay

  After the mayor, Jerry Abramson stated that the city should use cash to pay back the firefighters who sued the Metro Government to receive their overtime pay, Council President David Tandy, (Democrat- 4th Ward), has sponsored a bill that will be introduced to the Committee on Committees today at 4:30p.m.

  The proposed ordinance gives a timeline on when the $45 million will be paid. The first payment, which is due by December 1, according to the ordinance, will be $1,500,000 in attorney’s fees and $14,300,000 to the firefighters.  The second payment, due by March 31, 2010 will have $14,300,000 going to the firefighters, and the final payment, due by July 15, 2010 will have $14,900’000 going to the firefighters.

  The Firefighters sued the City of Louisville for overtime fees that were not paid to them. The overtime pay of the firefighters was guaranteed to them by state law and was part of their union contract. After waiting for years for their overtime pay, the firefighters sued the city in 2000. The state court of appeals, and the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled in favor of the firefighters, thus bringing the issue to the Louisville Metro Council.

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