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 Through recent developments, it is no wonder why Dr. Gilles Maloche would desire to resign at this time. A recent federal lawsuit, and a sexual harrassment suit slapped against him and various other government officials  would cause anyone to resign- if they had placed themselves into the predicament that Dr. Maloche has. The problem with Dr. Maloche, or dare I state that one of the many problems with Dr. Maloche is the connections that he has to the mayor. Both Dr. Maloche, and the soon to be interim director, Wayne Zalinsky have been, and currently are backed by Mayor Jerry Abramson.

  When asked if he was going to fire Maloche amidst all of the allegations, Jerry Abramson stated that he was not given the opportunity. That is indeed a lie. The sexual harrassment complaint by Dawn Simpson ended in January, AND it was substantiated. If the mayor does not find the opportunity to be rid of this hinderance which has defined the Metro Animal Services within nine months, then it is because the mayor does not desire to be rid of him. Further is the fact that Wayne Zalinsky, who is also mentioned in the lawsuit as he was Dawn Simpson’s attorney, is also proving to have a controversial reputation.

  All the mayors men in M.A.S seem to remain unlinked to the mayor, for now. The problem is that all major links will sooner or later come home to roost. Until it does, all the kings horses and men will continue to fall, and the reputation of the city could be what breaks from it.

  Then again, more is to come in the story…

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