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Welch welcomes increased LMPD efforts in Fairdale

From the desk of Mr. Tony Hyatt, Communications Director for the Majority Caucus of the Louisville Metro Council:

Louisville — With crime down in the Fairdale area, the Third Division of Louisville Metro Police is moving forward with efforts to be stationed in more places in Southwest Jefferson County as the area grows. The Division will now have a presence in the Fairdale Resource Center.

            “This is welcome news,” says Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13). “Residents of the District will be glad to know that the Division will rotate its roll call of officers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

            When the Old City of Louisville and Jefferson County merged respective police departments in 2003, there was a re-alignment of divisions in the newly formed Louisville Metro Police. The officers located in Fairdale moved to a facility on Dixie Highway. LMPD then began using the Fairdale Resource Center for its DARE and other crime programs.

            “As we review crime patterns and how areas develop, it becomes important to ensure our patrols are for the benefit of the community,” says Major Jim Sohan, Commander of the LMPD Third Division. “Having a rotating roll call, is just another way to show our presence in the community.”

            The Third Division Command staff will have offices in the building. Every Monday, Mid Watch will have roll call at the Fairdale building.  Every Wednesday will be Day Work and every Friday night will be Late Watch.  

The Division Resources Officer will also be located at the Fairdale facility. DRO’s are assigned to an area to deal with parking complaints, school visits, Meth 360 presentations and crime prevention efforts.  These officers free up patrol officers from duties that would otherwise keep them off the street.

The changes are set to begin on November 2nd.

            “There have been many people in Fairdale who were concerned when the police station stopped its patrol operation with merger in 2003,” says Welch. “LMPD has done a very good job of patrolling our district and Southwest Jefferson County. It is my hope this roll call rotation will reassure everyone that officers continue to do everything to make our community safe.”

            The new Fairdale location for LMPD’s Third Division is in the Resource Center at Hornbeck Park, 709 Fairdale Road.”


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