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The Doctor Is Out- Policing May Be In

  By now every one around Louisville has heard that the infamous Dr. Giles Maloche, the current director of Metro Animal Services, has resigned. His resignation will take place on December 31, 2009. His replacement, at least temporary, has been named to be Wayne Zalinsky.

  Dr. Maloche has been in the public’s eye for quite some time as he has undergone various accusations and investigated for many of them. The most common accusation that has consistently been made to officials is the illegal acquiring or retrieving of animals without proper warrant(s) and the lack of due process.

  Under the reigning of Dr. Maloche, the Puppy Police, (MAS), was allowed to receive a complaint and check out the complaint. Often the Mutt Mafia would enter into a premises under the guise of conducting an “investigation” and retrieve a canine, administer a ticket, and pound the animal. Pet lovers would then be forced to pay exorbitant fees and still have to go to court. Many individuals, even after paying the fees, found themselves facing charges of “Animal Neglect” or “Cruelty to Animals” and had to pay excessive fines, BEFORE going to court. When arriving at court, they would soon discover that the representatives from Metro Animal Services would ask that they admit there was a need to arrest the animal and fine the owner so that they could drop the charges. Dr. Maloche answered the accusations with stating that these procedures were necessary and legal to care for the animals.

  Since announcing his resignation yesterday, many individuals with various run-ins with Metro Animal Services are very concerned about the replacement as Wayne Zalinsky has experience in law enforcement. Citizens are concerned that he will only be more aggressive in taking animals without providing proper notification and enter private property and seize animals without proper warrants. Rumors are currently circulating that Mr. Zalinsky is very closely tied into Dr. Maloche, and some are stating that he is Dr. Maloche’s “right hand”.

  Mayor Jerry Abramson, who has often doted on the service of Dr. Maloche, has been very supportive and appreciative of both, Maloche and Zalinsky. Some individuals who have had business dealings with Mr. Zalinsky are very concerned of what the future may bring.


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