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Ackerson Answers Questions Regarding Resolution

  The Courier- Journal released their opinion regarding Mr. Brent Ackerson’s resolution proposal as being partisan to Republicans desire, they absolutely ignored the fact that the resolution was announced, and will be presented by Mr. Brent Ackerson, a Democrat that represents the 26th District.

  After receiving the media alert regarding the announcement of the resolution, Mr. Ackerson was asked a couple of questions regarding the timing of the resolution proposal. The resolution comes towards the end of Jerry Abramson’s term. When asked why the resolution proposal comes at this time, Mr. Ackerson stated that “It is about timing.  We have an administration leaving and not wanting to pass judgment on them,  and a new administration coming in, not knowing who they will be, and equally not wanting to pass judgment on them, to fully address this matter in a bipartisan non-judgmental way.”

 When asked about expecting any dissention about the resolution from members in his party, Mr. Ackerson replied that “My proposal is philosophical – it is not driven by partisan politics.  I do not anticipate this being a problem with my colleagues.  If they disagree, I welcome those opinions.”

  Members within his party, such as Bob Henderson, (District 14) has made statements that have provided the possibility of debate within the party. Mr. Henderson was recently quoted as stating that he believe that the voters should determine term limits. Republicans in council are in support of term limits.  The Courier-Journal has issued an opinion that mimics Bob Henderson.

  The resolution is expected to be presented this week.

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