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Tandy’s Resolution Regarding Domestic Violence On Agenda

 Tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., David Tandy’s Resolution, (R-208-10-09), entitled “A Resolution Calling Attention To The Pervasive And Life Crime Of Domestic Violence”  will come before the Public Safety Committee of the Louisville Metro Council.  Mr. Tandy, (Democrat- 4th District), wrote the resolution with various facts at the forefront of the resolution. Those facts include that “every day in the United States at least three women are murdered by a current or former intimate partner” and that “rural and urban women of all religious, ethnic, socio-economic and educational backgrounds, and of varying ages, physical abilities and lifestyles can be affected by domestic violence”. The final point made in a list is that “domestic violence has a tremendous human cost, and society pays a high price in health care costs, legal costs, and lost productivity as a result of domestic violence.”

  The resolution concludes with the following statement: “Given the devastating and lasting effects domestic violence can have not only to the victims and their families, but the communicty as a whole, the Louisville Metro Council urges its citizens to be vigilant and alert of such crime and to urge victims they know to obtain the appropriate help so as to end such abuse.”

  This resolution is one of many throughout the state to come after the horrendous murder of Amanda Ross. Ross, age 29, is believed to have been shot down by her former partner, Steve Nunn, (Republican – Glasgow), who is the son of former governor Louie Nunn, and a former state representative.

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