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Democrats Appoint Two Members to New Ethics Ad-Hoc Committee

  A story that has not appeared in any other media outlets thus far, Louisville Metro Council Democrats have informed the new Ad-Hoc Committee proposed by Ken Fleming and approved by Metro Council President David Tandy. The Republicans in the new Ethics Ad-Hoc Committee are Ken Fleming and Kevin Kramer. President David Tandy is overseeing the committee and the new members of the Committee representing the Democrats is Brent Ackerson and Marianne Butler.

  Ms. Butler filed a bill that countered Fleming’s bill that was proposed last year and by doing so caused the Council president to call an Ad-Hoc Committee. Though the Committee has been formed for months, nothing of significant value has been seen out of the Committee. With hopes of moving forward to a strong Ethics Ordinance, this new Ad-Hoc Committee was created by eliminating extra voices so that fewer people can debate and discuss the various issues in regards to ethics.

  Though the Minority Caucus, (Republicans), have yet to release a statement regarding the Democrats’ choice for this new committee, the buzz underneath the business of government is that they remain hopeful that they can have a bill available by the end of the year.

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