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Ackerson’s Proposal Hits Snag With Party

Metro Councilman Brent Ackerson’s resolution proposal that he announced last Friday, October 9, has great potential of causing some minor shake-ups with Mayor Abramson’s apologists that are within his party. Many Democrats in council view the resolution as a good change and fall in line with the example presented among the nation’s leaders.

  After the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the United States Congress brought about a law that changed the term limits of the presidency to two four year terms. Previous to FDR’s presidency, our nation’s leaders encouraged and practiced two four year terms that was encouraged by presidents such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. In most states, various members of the executive branch are limited to two four-year terms. Here in the commonwealth, the governor is limited in terms of service. Mr. Ackerson has utilized these examples to provide reasoning for his resolution proposal. Now that proposal could bring some conflict amongst some apologists within his own party.

  In the Courier-Journal Saturday, October 10, 2009, in an article titled “Metro council to consider limit on mayoral terms” Dan Klepal quotes various members of the Louisville Metro Council’s Majority Caucus, (Democrats). Though the two members that are currently running for mayor, David Tandy and Jim King, have expressed their approval of the proposal, others are open to sincere debate and discussion, and a few do not appear to welcome the changes to the merger law.

  In the article, the majority of Democrats appear to welcome either the change in the merger law to exemplify the national and state limits for those in executive power, or, at least, to be open to sincere discussion and debate. Councilman Bob Henderson, (District 14), does not appear to be receptive of the change prior to discussion in the council, because he believes that individuals should serve as long as they are voted it. It should be the voters, not the legislators that determine the extent of service in office according to him.

  When asked if the Republicans agreed with the resolution proposal, Steve Haag, the Minority Council Director, stated that they supported the proposal. Some in the Minority Caucus believe that this is a good starting and or reference point for ensuring that checks and balances be in place, and allows the opportunity for growth of ideas and change.

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