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Council Gets Another Shot At Ethics

Ethics in government has been lacking, and there have been some that have been working to fix that over the past two years. One of those individuals, Councilman Kevin Kramer in an effort to revive the Ethics Bill that has been stifled in Ad-Hoc committee.

  On Tuesday, Kevin Kramer had asked that a new committee be developed in effort to actually get a bill through. For two years a fellow Republican, Ken Fleming, had worked on a strong ethics bill with federal and state authorities to ensure that the government would have strong guidelines to follow. The Co-Sponsor of the bill was Council President David Tandy, a Democrat.

  Earlier this year, Marianne Butler brought a bill to the Council in effort to challenge the Fleming/Tandy bill, and the Co-Sponsor of that bill was John Ackerson. When asked why he would support Butler’s bill, which attempts to fine individuals who may have falsely reported a complaint, he stated that he did not get a provision that he wanted through with Fleming, and so he went with Butler. With both bills before council, David Tandy withdrew his sponsorship from Fleming’s bill and called an Ad-Hoc Committee. Since that Committee was formed, little has been accomplished in the way of Ethics.

  Tuesday, it appeared that the citizens of Louisville would miss out on another opportunity to have a government run with a strong ethical base. Learning that various Democrats, led by Dan Johnson and Marianne Butler were attempting to overload the proposed committee with at least one extra member of their party, Kevin Kramer came ready to fight for fair representation in the committee. For a while, it seemed that he would not get it, as President David Tandy appeared to be buckling under the pressure of his party. Eventually, Tandy agreed to dramatically reduce the size of the Ad-Hoc Committee.

  Representing the Republicans will be Ken Fleming, the sponsor of the first bill brought to Council in 2008, and Kevin Kramer. President David Tandy will be on the Ad-Hoc Committee and be the vote that will break any tied vote that may occur on the issues that come from the committee. Democrats have yet to announce who they will present for the Ad-hoc Committee on  Ethics, but the rumblings in the Hall are that Marianne Butler will be one, and many believe that either Dan Johnson or Rick Blackwell could very well be the other.

  The size of the committee, as well as the asking that the committee be reduced in size was imperative to ensure cooperation and progress in a bipartisan fashion, and to bring about a strong Ethics bill, according to many leaders. Though it has been difficult to pass in the past, many believe that an Ethics bill could be seen soon, not only because of the reduction in size of the Ad-Hoc

October 9, 2009 - Posted by | Proposed Ordinances

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