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Ackerson Seeks To Change Term Limits

  Brent Ackerson, (Democrat- District 26), is seeking to change the term limits for the upcoming mayor in effort to have a better, more efficient government. To do so he will have to encourage the state General Assembly to change the Merger law. Earlier today he held a press conference announcing plans to do just that.

  In a Resolution that Brent Ackerson will file with the Metro Council Clerk’s office next week it states that the “Louisville Metro Council wishes to promote and ensure the infusion of new ideas, new vision, and new leadership into Louisville Metro Government’s chief elected office.” Section 2 of the resolution states “The Louisville Metro Council asks the Kentucky General Assembly to amend KRS 67C.105(2) to read as follows: The mayor shall be nominated and elected in partisan elections for a term of four (4) years in the same election years as other government officials as regulated by the regular election laws of the Commonwealth. The mayor shall assume office on the first Monday in January following his or her election. He or she shall serve until a successor qualifies and may serve for no more than two (2) consecutive terms after which time he or she shall be prohibited from running for election or being appointed as mayor for a period of at least four (4) years.”

  Mr. Ackerson referenced the fact that other elected officials have only two terms in which they serve, whereas the mayor of Louisville has a greater amount of time that they can serve. “With this change, Louisville will follow the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The state’s highest elected officials from the Governor on down can only serve two consecutive terms. This move guarantees new ideas, new vision, and new leadership.

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