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Mayor’s Synchronization Announcement Out Of Synch With Facts

In yesterday’s Courier-Journal it was announced that they mayor had stated that the synchronization of lights among various streets such as Dixie Highway and Shelbyville Road would now be in control of the city management. This would help move traffic faster down these streets causing less jams. pollution, and more control along those streets. The paper also reported, toward the end of the article that the genesis of this project did not occur in the mayor’s office, but with the Council. Though that fact was mentioned in the article, the mayor’s office did not invite the councilman who is credited with beginning and fighting for the synchronization of the lights.

  Why would the mayor forget to mention the councilman who began the project that Mayor Abramson gladly announced? Simply because the councilman is none other than Hal Heiner, who is now running for mayor himself. Though there are some who would point out that only the mayor’s office has the right to approve these funds, or accept these funds, it is imperative that the public be educated on the issue of Traffic Light Synchronization.

  Hal Heiner pushed for a study on the issue of Traffic Light Syncronization in June 2005, and lobbied the Fletcher Administration for funding on the study. The Council added $50,000 to the operating budget of Public Works for research on the topic.  Over the next five years, Metro Council ensured that over $6,000,000 was budgeted to ensure that this project would occur.

  Mr. Heiner tetified at a KIPDA meeting earlier this year and asked that the Traffic Light Synchronization be moved up on the priority list. The mayor himself had listed this as a low priority, and Mr. Heiner took the lead to bring this to a higher ranking. The meeting was a success as the KIPDA was ranked as the top priority for this fiscal year.

  Mayor Jerry Abramson has forgotten the facts of the Traffic Light Synchronization, the Louisville Metro Council which continually funded and pushed for the importance of the plan, and the man who took the lead to ensure the reality of it all coming to “light”- Mr. Hal Heiner. Just more evidence that this mayor is out of synch with facts, reality, or both.

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