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Hyatt Has Issue With Previous Post

  Yesterday we pushed information on the Dog Ordinance ruling that has resulted in a response from Mr. Tony Hyatt, Communications Director for the Majority Caucus of the Louisville Metro Council.

  Here is Mr. Hyatt’s complaint:

“I am glad you are back in the swing of thing so to speak..


However I must point out something in your post about the Southwest Festival.


The primary Sponsor of the dog ordinance was Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5). She created the task force and advisory group that brought everyone to the table including the Louisville Kennel Club when the ordinance was first talked about, debated and passed. Even after the first ordinances was passed in December of 2006 and then reviewed by the group created by Councilman Downard, Councilwoman Hamilton worked hand in hand with him to get the law passed…


I have no problem with your blog leaning towards republicans and folks in the Southwest but I do have to point out that if Councilwoman Hamilton had listened to the people who wanted no changes at all then we would still have the problems of vicious dogs and no regards for protection, public safety or getting those dogs licensed and making pet owners responsible. Even Councilman Downard agreed with that.”

  Our response was as follows:


First, I have attempted to be fair in all that I write. The difference is that when I send out emails to the Democrats, they typically will not respond, nor will they answer phones. If you would like to see a more “leaning” towards Democrats, I would encourage more support from them.


  About the Dog Ordinance- Cheri was not the leader of the Ad-Hoc committee, and the ordinance that I refer to is the latest changes. I can correct that on the blog in a bit.


  As I have proven myself in the past, I am more than willing to work with others that disagree with me, and I am open and honest about my mistakes- and I think that you would have to admit that I do so much more publicly and openly than others ever would. If you have information that suggests that I am inaccurate- send it to me. I would love to read it. If you wish to send the Dog Ordinance that you are referring to- please feel free to send it as an attachment. I will research the matter fully.”

  Mr. Hyatt further stresses his frustrations by complying with the request, and jabbing back at another post in which the lies of Mr. Bob Henderson, (Democrat- District 14) is exposed when he writes:


I have provided a link which will lead you to the animal control ordinance that was passed and is currently on the books.


while it is true that Councilman Downard did lead the Ad Hoc Committee on the animal control ordinance. He worked with Councilwoman Hamilton every step of the way on that process in fact, before the law was passed the two worked out any differences that gave it a stronger vote than it had the first time around in 2006.


As getting other Democrats to work with you, I generally encourage them to work with blogs. I do not tell them what to do nor do I try to tell bloggers what to do. I merely point out what happened as is the case with the animal control ordinance.


However, I might suggest you might have a better chance at working with them if you rethink headlines where you flatly state that one of them suffers from “lies disorder.””

  SO, there you have it. Mr. Hyatt, has stated his frustrations with us, and it is now your chance, reader, to find the truth amongst the propaganda…

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  1. I didn’t realize stating fact was frustration.

    To the readers of this blogs,I merely point out I am the Communications Director for the Majority Caucus of the Metro Council. In this case, the majority are Democrats. So when I see something that needs to be clarified I will let the author know. Andof course, I am going to be mindful of all things written about the Caucus.

    My comment about this website leaning republicans is nothing more than a realistic observation. The last time I checked, freedom of speech and the press was still allowed in this country.

    With regard to the word lies, I still am not aware of anyone who will deal with another person when that person i scalled a liar. It is a strong word. I do not know the circumstance that prompted the use of the word. I was merely suggesting the founder of this blog if you called someone a liar why would you expect them to treat you with any respect?

    … how you deal with the people you try to contact does have a bearing on how they are going to answer you. What you write also makes an impact.

    As for the creator of this blog, as I said earlier I am glad he is back posting again and I wish him well..

    Tony Hyatt
    Communications Director
    Majority Cacuus
    Louisville Metro Council

    Comment by Tony Hyatt | October 6, 2009 | Reply

    • If Mr. Hyatt did not know why Mr. Henderson was not referred to as a liar it is because he himself has chosen not to pay attention to the story.
      Mr. Henderson, on local television, and in the link provided in the story referenced by Mr. Hyatt, lied about a constituent that was concerned about saving the Valley Station Post Office stating that she had associations with Mr. Doug Hawkins when she did not.
      I would encourage the readers, and Mr. Hyatt, to re-examine the facts BEFORE they respond to the post. That way, he would know what he is referecing and comment with accuracy.

      Comment by therealville | October 7, 2009 | Reply

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