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Heiner To Be At Southwest Festival

Campaigning for mayor has already occurred, and various media outlets have done a decent job of reporting what some of the main candidates for the Democrats have done to raise money and campaign for the position recently. They have reported on the major campaigning and fundraising efforts of fellow council members David Tandy and Jim King. Though Democrats may be further promoting their campaigns this upcoming weekend at the Southwest Community Festival at Sun Valley Park in Southwest Jefferson County, they will not have the majority of the attention. This weekend, the focus of campaigning is apt to be on the Republican candidates, Chris Theineman and Hal Heiner.
The Southwest Community Festival is not a new event for Theineman. He is a regular to the event as he resides in the area and owns many properties in the region. Further, he has many enemies, specifically current council member Bob Henderson, (Democrat- District 14), in the area. It will not be at all a surprise for Mr. Theineman to be available to the public there at the Festival. What will be of interest for him, from a political standpoint, will be how he will campaign against a well known, much accomplished, and current politician.
Mr. Hal Heiner is not a common name in southwest Metro Louisville. He does not reside in the area, own property in the area, nor does he have business ventures in the area as Mr. Theineman does. His family is not a common name fixture in the area, as Mr. Theineman’s is, and many individuals would not be able to recognize his name as easily as the Theineman’s name. In spite of these facts, therealville has confirmed that Mr. Hal Heiner will be at the Southwest Festival this upcoming Saturday, October 03, 2009.
The Southwest Festival will be a chance for these Republican mayoral hopefuls to meet and greet various individuals in the area and to hear the various concerns of the residents. The residents themselves may find it interesting as well, for they have traditionally voted strictly Democrat in the area.
Since the merger came to be Bob Henderson was elected the councilman. Though he has had pressure in the past two elections from Diane Newton and Bob Heuglin, his faithful voters seem to have changed voting patterns, showing that the voting demographic in the area may be changing.
Recent frustrations in the area that hosts the Southwest Festival include the dog Ordinance, which has been strongly backed by Democrats in council, despite that it’s main sponsor was Kelly Downard, a Republican. Other issues of concerns to constituents in the area are the spending habits of government and transparency, which Mr. Hal Heiner has been a strong advocate for, government oversight being to strong and not enough accountability for big government, which Mr. Heiner and Mr. Theineman have both addressed publicly, and the various businesses that have been closed in the area, as well as the inactivity and the inability for the area to have the attention that it deserves to have the projects that neighboring districts have gotten.
On Saturday, at the Southwest Festival, citizens will have the opportunity to discuss these matters to many Democrat mayoral candidates, and both Republican candidates Hal Heiner and Chris Theineman.

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