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Therealville is seeking various ways to make itself more accessible to the public so that we can hear your complaints, answer your questions, hear your opinions, and meet you. For that reason, we are pleased to announce that we will be making some changes very soon that will make us more accessible in various ways that we have not sought previously.
First, we will be showing up at various places throughout Metro Louisville. This week we are scheduled to attend the Louisville Loop Presentation at 7410 Moorman Road Thursday evening, (October 8), and will be at the Southwest Festival at Sun Valley Park at various points throughout the day on Saturday, (October 10).
Second, we are looking at the possibility of developing a page on Facebook that will allow readers to leave opinions and suggestions on various topics. The utilization of a social networking site in connection with a blogging site is unique, and we are currently working out various details to ensure that the two sites are different, yet similar, and directly tied into the details and topics that can be found here at therealville.
Lastly, we would encourage readers to take advantage of leaving suggestions, tips, hints, questions, and complaints through our email or by posting in our “comments” section here at the blog. To access the comments section of the blog site, simply click on the “comment” and leave a message. If emailing is preferred, then please feel free to email as at

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