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For a little over a month this site was shut down as the main man sought to be diagnosed and rehabilitate from a recent hospitalization. After mending, (somewhat), and having his fuse re-united, it is time to blow the top off of this site.

   So much has happened in the past month that is necessary to point out and discuss, and so much that should be addressed. Some of the points have been addressed, and some of the points have been addressed incorrectly. Media has typically looked at the news through the prism of liberalism, but NOW is the time to return to reality. Real life, real people, real times, and real truth is what we are after, and what we will seek. Here are some snippets of what we have missed out on while away:


  Steve Nunn- When the story broke about Mr. Nunn this was absolutely perplexing. As a former private investigator it appeared that it could very well be that this man was simply mourning over the horrendously violent murderous rampage of a former love. As time ticked away, and more facts became known, the closet of Nunn’s life creaked open and the skeletons that he had attempted to hide came to light.

  As a conservative,  skeletons should be known not as the things that we hide, but those that we carefully bring to light and expose; first to family and close friends, then, when conquered, as victors to the world. Mr. Nunn should have known that. He, however, allowed his skeletons to turn into demons, and now they appear to be hindering him.

  That stated, I still believe in the ideology of a fair trial. If Mr. Nunn is guilty, as the prosecutors and media believes him to be, then he should receive the maximum punishment available to him that the prosecutor pushes for. If he is not, then he is vindicated in the same court of law. Interestingly enough, many individuals in politics, (such as Greg Stumbo),  who also claim to believe in that same basic, and essential right, have been seeking to prosecute him through legislature before the trial begins.

  There are questions that should be asked outside of the trial that are of great interest to us all… What was that old man doing with that young lady? Why didn’t the families of the two intervene and ask why a man of multiple marriages was dating a lady who was barely old enough to understand what marriage is? What would a young lady, who seemed to desire life that was orderly and functional, find in a man whose previous relations had been anything but functional?

  As pointed out in previous posts in this blog, murder kills more than a single person. Murder kills the hope of a community, a family, and the ramifications and emotions, which swell from homicide, are indescribable. Our hearts and prayers should go out to the families for they both are victims; they both will only be able to look at the memories of what once was, but only one will be able to breathe until justice is done- if he is guilty.


  Swine Flu- The Commonwealth of Kentucky has been an absolute wreck over the swine flu. From the school systems to the welfare lines, the vaccine for the swine flu has been shoved down the throats of the American public. What has not been presented to us, however, is the fact that most of the public will get this strain of flu and will have the absolute same results as we would with any other strain of the flu. What the government wants us to do is follow their instructions and get the injection, or injections, or series of injections, or whatever it may become, but the question that no one really wants to answer is what it will cost us in the future. No one wants to address that issue.

  It is an important issue to address, because the complications, or long term effects of medications can be disastrous to an entire group of individuals. Conservative and libertarian talk show hosts have wondered what the repercussions or long term effects of this particular vaccination would have upon Americans. Further troubling to them was the continual insistence, and almost demanding, plea by various individuals in government to ensure that children and elderly have the shot(s) (series).

  Some birth control has been linked to heart disease, breast cancer, some medications have caused ulcers, to much Ibuprofen has been stated to affect the liver and other internal organs negatively. If these medications have these effects on the body, what would be the effect that this series of shots have upon us? Would those in government be willing to be the guinea pigs, instead of us average Joe’s?


  Republicans Enter the Race- After many weeks of hearing various Democrats throwing their hats in the ring to become the next mayor of Louisville, Republicans started to step up and throwing their hats in the mix as well.

  The first Republican to do so was Chris Theineman, who announced that he was running for mayor the day that Commonwealth Attorney General Jack Conway released his opinion stating that current mayor Jerry Abramson could have free reign without any real accountability in regards to expenditures of Cordish Group and other business ventures. Frustrated by the mayors’ abundant spending and lack of transparency, Theineman decided that he would be a better mayor for the city and opted to announce his candidacy downtown across the street from the very place that was questioned.

  Interestingly enough, many supported Theineman when he announced that he was going to run for representative against Ann Northup in the Republican primary previous to her loss against John Yarmuth. After Mr. Theineman voiced frustration about the supposed support that Senator Mitch McConnell (Republican), cast behind Mrs. Northup, and the many times that he encouraged Mr. Theineman to drop out of the race, Mr. Theineman opted to leave the race and cast his support for Mr. Yarmuth; and then he opted to run for the office again. The seemingly wishy-washy campaign cost him any real opportunity to win, and Ann Northup eventually lost the seat to the opponent, John Yarmuth.

  As Chris Theineman entered the race the day that Mr. Conway announced his opinion, Councilman Hal Heiner, (Republican- District 19entered the race on his own merit. He was one who asked the Attorney General to release an opinion on the expenditures and fake audit of the Cordish Group’s use of tax dollars for rebuilding and remodeling of Fourth Street Live. Mr. Heiner has already begun a grassroots campaign by reaching out to various individuals in the Facebook community.


  Conway Protects Friend- Attorney General Jack Conway took months, literally, to release an opinion allowing his personal friend Jerry Abramson to approve loans and funds for businesses as he sees fits with little to no repercussions or accountability from the legislative body of government.

  What was upsetting to many in Metro Council was how, and when Mr. Conway released the opinion. After taking over six months to release the report, it was suspected that Mr. Conway would wait until the Friday before Labor Day to release the report so that the media, (in other words, his good friends at the Courier-Joke, er, Journal), would sweep it under the rug. The only person in written media that would bring the truth to light honestly would be Dan Klepal of the Courier-Journal. Interestingly enough, Mr. Conway did not release the report that Friday when Mr. Klepal was available.

   The following Monday a little after 9 a.m. Mr. Conway appeared in person to the Francene show on WHAS 840AM to announce the opinion- at 9:06 a.m. his office released the opinion. Two interesting facts surround this release: 1) It was released after he was scheduled to be on a show thus making himself inavailable to Metro Council representatives so that he could push his opinion and agenda without recourse or strong questioning by local authorities. 2) That week Dan Klepal was on vacation, thus ensuring that fellow Abramson sympathizer and smoocher, Joseph Gerth would cover the story.

  Individuals in Metro Council met the opinion with great frustration almost immediately. Doug Hawkins’ office released an email stating that “The Cover-Up Continues”. Much talk about legislation limiting the expenditures of the mayor’s office was cast around.

  Citizens of Louisville need to understand the relationship between the Mayor Jerry Abramson and Attorney General Jack Conway in order to fully understand the impact of this opinion. These men are not merely fellow Democrats- they are close, personal friends. Many times they have been viewed around town at restaurants discussing various matters outside of politics. They have been heard discussing family members, ideas and frustrations. They have cajoled and been friendly with each other on numerous occasions. These meetings began before Mr. Conway was elected Attorney General. Not only that, but Mr. Abramson has stated that he has endorsed Mr. Conway for U.S. Senator BEFORE the primary, while most politicians wait until after the primary before announcing their endorsement to ensure that the party is not torn.


  Kings’ Rule?- It was discovered that the Kings’ did violate the campaign law when Daddy Dearest, Jim King, who is now a Democrat running for mayor, gave to much money to his daughter’s campaign when she was running for judge. King has since stated that he and his daughter has long gotten over the ruling.

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