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Henderson Suffering From “Lies” Disorder…

For years many have considered Bob Henderson (Democrat- District 14) to be less that truthful on a variety of issues, and unwilling to be honest at others. Though he has often faced various accusations, he has provided suspicion, if not evidence, that the sources were false. Unfortunately, he has ended his evidence of honesty by lying to the public on local television.
In a story on WLKY, Bob Henderson discusses a petition that was started by a lady that resides in Doug Hawkins’ (Republican- District 25) district. She had attempted to communicate with Bob Henderson the importance of keeping Valley Station’s post office open since it is in his district.
Mr. Henderson, who has referred to Doug Hawkins in numerous meetings as an “idiot” states that he (Hawkins) is always attempting to stir things up. He also seemingly questions the integrity of Mr. Hawkins by stating that Brenda Silveria works for/with Doug Hawkins. That is a full fledged lie.
According to numerous individuals that are associated, work for, with, and around Hawkins, as well as a records check, there is no evidence that Brenda Silveria volunteers to work in Doug Hawkins office, nor is she a paid employee of Doug Hawkins office. Ms. Silveria is a member of a neighborhood association that is in Hawkins’ district, but she has never worked for Hawkins.
According to various reports, she contacted Doug Hawkins because Bob Henderson did not act nor communicate action with Ms. Silveria on the topic.
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