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Agreement Brings City Angst

The agreement sighned by Bruce Traughber, (Metro Government Economic Director), David Morris, Ellie Shipley, Michael S. Norman, and David Tandy, (Democrat- 4th District Council Member), brings some angst to certain city leaders, and raises some eyebrows from some citizens.
After Michael S. Norman’s report last week on the expenditures of LG Financial group, the financial arm of the Cordish Group development, many leaders have stated their frustration and disgust with the report. Some, including Kelly Downard, have stated that the public does not know any more now than what was known previous to the report being made public. Doug Hawkins, (Republican- 25th District), stated that the conspiracy from the mayor’s office regarding Cordish continues.
Much of the agreement could be troublesome to the public as it prohibits the public from ever learning exactly what occurred with their tax dollars.
First, the agreement states that only “certain information concerning certain costs in connection with the development, construction and opening of the Sports & Social Club” would be open to be reviewed by Traughber, David Morris, Ellie Shipley, Michael S. Norman, and David Tandy. There was never a guarantee that all the records would be, or were shown.
Second was that there were no copies made and only Mr. Norman was allowed to take notes. Though Mr. Norman is a public servant, (he is the Louisville Metro Auditor), his notes are not open to the open records law, which were waived when he signed the agreement.
Third, none of the signees to the agreement could speak or write about what they saw, or the agencies utilized to assist in the building of the aforementioned business. In short, the public servants that went to Baltimore, Maryland in early August did so with government funds to learn how the Cordish Group spent the public’s taxes and can not inform the public of the findings of their “investigation”.
Sounds like the government likes to waste government dollars while discovering how a development group wasted government dollars, without allowing those that fund the government to know anything about it.

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