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More Questions For President Obama and Representative Yarmuth

hile it has been reported in the Courier-Journal that Representative John Yarmuth (KY Democrat- 3rd District), has written to the mega-giant insurance provider Humana a letter that disagreed with Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s statements regarding those who disagree with the Healthcare “Reform” bill that is being debated in town hall meetings, President Barak Obama has taken a different approach. President Obama has decided to judge the American people that disagree with his idea of “reform”. Yesterday, President Barak Obama has judged Americans that disagree with him and his comrades as being individuals who do not take care of those that are less fortunate, (particularly the poor), which, as the president reminded the group of liberal clergy members, the Bible informs us to. Interesting that the president reminded us that the Bible tells us that we are to be individuals who care for the less fortunate: further interesting that he utilized the Bible to enhance the argument promoting the healthcare “reform” bill that has been proposed by Congress.

  Since President Obama finds it necessary to utilize the Bible to show that healthcare reform, or better stated, his healthcare reform, perhaps he would not mind utilizing the verses that deal with health in the Bible. Verses such as Exodus 20:3 which says “You shall have no other gods before me.” When an individual treats another as unequal to them, that is a judgment, and they are playing god. Has President Obama done this? He is definitely the most welcoming of aborting unborn children amongst all the common politicians today.

  How about verse 13: “You shall not murder.” Many sources have adequately recorded the president’s stance on late term abortions, and some of those sources have gone so far as to state that the survivors of these late term abortions were left in closets and not fed or attended to for the purpose of allowing them to die. Would President Obama care to address the health of the dead babies whose death he supported, and called it “health care?

  Focus on the Family, a group of Christians that are concerned with the culture and status of the family, have stated in a letter emailed to supporters on July 31, 2009 that “the current version of the plan would actually hurt families by requiring them to pay for abortions through their tax dollars and their private insurance premiums.” Though the bill does not mention forcing, or attempting to force private insurance companies to pay for abortions, it never states that the payment of abortions as health care service is excluded from the government’s alternative. Will those who are on the government’s health coverage plan be allowed to receive abortions at others’ expense? With approximately 5,000 abortions performed daily in this nation, how much will taxes increase just to pay for those expenses? President Obama, would you please answer those questions?

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