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Murder Kills More Than Victim (Pt. 2)

Johnny Gama Gama had contacted a group of friends, and had taken the rag-tag group from Nashville, Tennessee to Owensboro, Kentucky after being contacted by his good friend, Leonel Martinez. Martinez had heard that Gama needed some extra money and Martinez knew how to get it. His plan was to help Gama and a group of his friends to locate a place to rob and get out of the area.

  Johnny Gama Gama contacted Douglas Herrerro, Miguel Velazquez, and an individual only known as “Jose” by Velazquez. The four of them drove from Nashville to Owensboro and met with Leonel Martinez. At the initial meeting, the group went to check out various jewelry shops in Owensboro. When they came to the Jewelry Chest, Sammy Garrett approached them and inquired on their needs. When asked about a single piece of jewelry while the others looked throughout the store. Without purchasing anything, they left.

  After half a day of gallivanting around the city, visiting many pawn and jewelry shops, the group met with Leonel Martinez. There the group discussed the various places that they had been, and the sights that they had seen. They discussed the different stores, as well as the pros and cons of robbing each store. After consuming pizza for lunch that was bought by Martinez, the decision was made. The gang consisting of Johnny Gama Gama, Douglas Herrerro, Miguel Velazquez, and “Jose”, had decided that they would rob the Jewelry Chest. That store was chosen because it did not have any functioning surveillance camaras, and more than one easily accessible escape route.

  The next morning they went over their plan before leaving. Leonel informed them that they were to contact him if they ran into any trouble. He could, and would, assist them out of the city if necessary. Had he known the events that would take place about the time of the robbery, he may have changed his mind.

  Immediately prior to Johnny Gama parking his vehicle on the backside of the building that the Jewelry Chest was located, a train wrecked in the same path that was planned by Gama and Martinez to return to the Martinez residence. While police were dispatched to the route, the group saw police leaving the area that they were entering. Though some were nervous, they continued with the plan.

  They parked in a parking spot by the apartment building that was located behind the Jewelry Chest, yet in plain view of the Kroger’s parking lot and about thirty yards from a side door entrance to the shop. As the adrenaline began to course through the veins of the young men, they entered the shop. Two of them introduced themselves to Sammy by beating him. Miguel Velazquez put his gun to the head of the Sammy’s employee, instructing her to go to the back room. He informed her to give him her wedding ring, which, without looking at his face, she complied. Moments later, she heard another voice, and Velazquez left, stating that Johnny Gama was then in the room with her.

  A ruckus was occurring on the shop floor. Velazquez left the backroom where Gama had relieved him. Seeing that more energy and time was being spent on beating Sammy he informed them that they needed to hurry and get the jewelry. Gama coming from the back, he begins to assist in physically assaulting Sammy as Jose and Velazquez leave for the vehicle. Following them was Douglas Herrerro, who had stuck around to continue beating on Sammy before he and Johnny Gama decided to leave. After Herrerro had left the store Johnny Gama was ready to leave. As he exited through the door he turned with his gun pointed to Sammy, and shot, hitting him in the abdomen.

  As Sammy hit the floor, blood leaving his body in great amounts, the four hoodlums drove off. Two men who had witnessed the shooting pursued them. Unbeknownst to the gang, many 9-1-1 calls had come about in response to the shooting, including the two men who were following the gang in a pick-up truck.

  As the gang was leaving the area, a police officer that was responding to the call passed the gang. As they continued on there way they did come to a problem. The train wreck had caused a massive traffic jam, and the group panicked. Quickly detouring, they came around to a factory warehouse where they parked the car and continued to run to a convenience store. There they contacted Leonel Martinez, who came, picked them up and immediately took them to Nashville.

  While this activity was transpiring, the ambulance had responded to the Jewelry Chest, put Sammy in the ambulance and attempted to take him to the hospital. The same train wreck that caused the gang that shot Sammy to detour also caused the ambulance to do the same. The difference between the detours was significant: The men got away to Nashville, and Sammy died on his way to the hospital.

  The investigation then began…

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