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Accepting Obama & Yarmuth’s Challenge

I openly and gladly accept President Barak Obama’s and Representative John Yarmuth’s challenge to have an open, honest, sincere, and intelligent dialogue regarding the Healthcare “reform” that Obama wishes to rush through Congress. All I ask is that while I am doing so, President Obama and Representative Yarmuth agree to utilize the same adjectives to describe themselves as many members of their party have utilized to describe individuals such as myself who disagree with their rush to “reform”. I would particularly appreciate that they call themselves “un-American”, (courtesy of Nancy Pelosi- Yarmuth’s boss),  uninterested (based on Yarmuth’s statement in the Courier Journal this morning),  “political terrorists” (Representative Baron Hill,  a Democrat from Indiana),  who show a “lack of civility and lack of meaningful dialogue” (Representative Ben Chandler, a Democrat from Kentucky), partisans (Yarmuth), who are “mislead” (Obama), and who “scare and mislead the American people” (Obama). That noted: here is the first in a series of questions that I have for President Obama, John Yarmuth, Baron Hill, Ben Chandler, Arlen Specter, Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Randall, Barbara Boxer, and anyone else who would like to tell the American people that the healthcare “reform” bill is a bad deal for America. These questions, together with your answers, (or lack of them), will be enough to allow Americans to come to their own conclusions regarding the bill, and your competency as their representatives.

  Please note two things before I begin my initial questions in what will be a series of questions:

1)      This is a bill, despite President Obama’s earlier assertion that it was not. It was introduced as a bill in the House, thus making it a bill.

2)      I am reading all of the bill, over 1,000 pages of it, and I am reading the bill that Kennedy wrote as well. During these questions, I will refer to the page and line of the Act in which I will offer direct quotes, then proceed to ask the question.


Here are the initial questions:


1)      Congressman John Dingell (Democrat from Michigan’s 15th District) is the individual that wrote and presented the bill. He has since stated that he has not read all of it, nor does he understand all of it. Why should the American people believe that you have read/understand the “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009”?

2)      Division A entitled “Affordable Health Care Choices” Sec. 100, page five lines 11-14 states “initiates shared responsibility among workers, employers, and the government; so that all Americans have coverage of essential health benefits. Please define American. Will this definition include all individuals within our borders and properties owned by this nation, or will it be to those who are legal citizens of this country?

3)      In the same lines referenced above is the mentioning of “essential health benefits”. What are “essential health benefits”? Is that a basic check-up, or does it include expensive and extensive procedures- including those, such as abortions, that are controversial? Who determines what these benefits are, and how is that individual held accountable?

4)      Page 9, lines 4-6 gives the definition of “Dependent” according to this act. It states that a dependent “has the meaning given such term by the Commissioner and includes a spouse.” Who else does it include? Who does it exclude?

5)      Page 10, lines 7 & 8 gives the definition of the family according to this act. This definition is as follows: “The term ‘family’ means an individual and includes the individual’s independents.” This is a very broad definition, and it really does not differentiate between traditional families and homosexual “marriages”. Will this act allow the inclusion of partners of individuals who choose to participate in relationships outside of the understanding of traditional marriage?

6)      Page 15, lines 7& 8 refer to two subtitles: Subtitle B and Subtitle C. Subtitle B is “relating to affordable coverage”, and subtitle C is “relating to essential benefits”. Who determines affordability? What is the “sliding scale” based on- minimal pay, or fair charge? Who is responsible for ensuring that only the “essential benefits” (whatever those are), are met and not excessive practices?


  If you do not mind answering these questions today, I will send you more again tomorrow. Until then, please feel free to note that I have taken your challenge, but I will not allow you to step away from the questions without accountability; nor will I tolerate your name-calling and disgraceful treatment of my fellow Americans.

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