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Tandy To Talk To Organizers & Police Regarding Tour

  After receiving a press release containing a statement from Louisville Metro Council President David Tandy, (Democrat- District 4), sources have stated that he has not decided if he will continue or cancel his sponsorship of the Russ Parr Bus Tour. This tour was the initial reason why over four thousand youth were at the Kentucky International Convention Center last week for a “peaceful” event kicking off the school season. The event ended with fights breaking out and police arresting over a dozen individuals, mostly youth.

  On August 4, a press release was issued from Tony Hyatt, the Communiciations Director for the Majority Caucus of Louisville Metro Council. It stated:


Metro Council President David Tandy (D-4) will once again host the nationally known “Russ Parr Bus Tour” when it rolls into Louisville on Thursday, August 6th at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

“We are happy to welcome Russ Parr and his radio audience back to Louisville,” says Tandy. “Last year’s event drew over 5,000 and this is one of many events that puts Metro Louisville in a national spotlight as a way to stress the importance of education.”

The Russ Bus Tour is a two-week journey across America stopping to broadcast from eleven major cities including Louisville. This free event is a back-to-school promotion where Russ and other sponsors pass out school supplies to youth in the community.

On Thursday, the Russ Bus will stop in Louisville to broadcast the morning show ‘live’, which will be heard in fifty-two markets on thirty-five affiliates.

During the live broadcast, Russ will feature National recording artists, which will perform live for the crowd. The broadcast also provides opportunities for local community leaders to address youth related issues in our community through on-air interviews and stage announcements.

“Russ Parr and his team is to be commended for bringing attention to the needs of young people and how cities like Louisville are addressing those needs,” says Tandy. “The bus tour will also be a fun way of getting our students in Louisville ready to learn and ready to lead in the 2009 school year.”’

  Despite the statement that the event would be a “fun way of getting our student in Louisville ready to learn”, many youth did not consider the events that occurred afterwords as “fun”. Neither would public officials.

  In horror the camaras filmed as extensive fights began inside the facility as students were all leaving at the same time, and the fighting continued on the street. Police in the area were called to assist in securing the area and stopping the fights. Students who were enjoying the music and events a couple of hours before were crying, hurt, and angry. Individuals who had been fighting were arrested, and the Police Chief, Robert White, was disgusted.

  The occurrences surrounding the event prompted another press release from Tony Hyatt’s office, which came about two days later. The majority of this release was a quotation from Louisville Metro Council’s president, David Tandy:


President David Tandy (D-4) has release the following statement concerning the situation at the conclusion of the concert of the Russ Parr Bus Tour:


“It is unfortunate that this situation has happened but anytime you have such a large crowd leaving a downtown event, there will always be a potential issue regarding crowd control. I understand pushing and shoving lead to some fights breaking out. Louisville Metro Police moved in quickly and got control of the situation. I am glad no one was injured as a result.

            As a sponsor of this year’s event, it is time to review all aspects of the program and I look forward to working with Chief White and other organizers to make this a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. It is a shame that a positive event for this community in getting kids ready for school is affected by the actions of a few.” ‘

  Though Mr. Tandy stated that this positive event for the community and kids were “affected by the actions of a few”, he neglected to mention that this is not the first time that the tour has raised issues of security and health of the attendees here in Louisville. Further research shows that there have been other issues in cities where the tour has taken place as well. Though many of those issues have been answered positively, and Russ Parr himself has encouraged peaceful exiting, the issues surrounding the tour escalated this year, and it included more that “a few” individuals.

  Because of this occurrence, the following email was sent to Mr. Tony Hyatt:

  “Does this mean that Mr. Tandy will continue to endorse this event, even though it has caused some sort of issue for the past three years that involves the safety of the public and/or the police?”

  Mr. Hyatt then answered accordingly: ”

No Champ,


It means that before next year.. he would like to sit down with the Chief of Police and organizers of the Bus Tour to review the needs of the event, including security. He has not made any decision on whether or not to sponsor next year.”

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