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Expecting An Honest Answer?

In the Courier-Journal yesterday it was reported that the commonwealth Attorney General, Jack Conway, was sent a letter from Louisivlle Metro Council Member Hal Heiner (Republican- 19th District), requesting a date on the issueing of his opinion regarding the Cordish Group transaction that was signed by the mayor, yet not approved by the Louisville Metro Council. According to the article, the attorney general will be getting his opinion to the Metro Council before long. (Please see article located at
The fact that the Attorney General, who has received the endorsement of the mayor, Jerry Abramson, for U.S. Senate in Jim Bunning’s place brings to light an interesting question as it relates to this letter. To the Metro Council: Are you expecting an honest answer from Jack Conway about the dealings of Jerry Abramson?
The question arises not just because the mayor has endorsed a candidate well before the primary, but mainly because the Attorney General is a close, personal friend of Jerry Abramson. To add to the issue, this opinion is very long in coming about. His opinion regarding the illegal meeting that the school district officials had was not eight months long- not even close!
The personal friendship of Jack Conway and Jerry Abramson is disturbing when one looks at the fact that the Attorney General is to provide an accurate opinion on any dealings with the mayor. Disturbing in that it can be well established that he and the mayor are very close. They have eaten many meals together, and not in simply formal settings to discuss business. They have been seen leaving offices, eating dinners, and discussing personal matters not associated with business.
When the opinion comes out, as it is expected to in the next couple of weeks, will it be a real opinion discussing the real issues around the Cordish Group, or a massive play of words to protect his personal friend?

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