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LG&E Shutting Off (& Milking) Late Payers

Earlier this morning many individuals began calling and complaining about the only electric company in the area, Louisville Gas and Electric, shutting off power to individuals who have sent there payments in late.
In the Okolona area yesterday, off of Blue Lick Road, LG&E was turning off the lights on people who had sent their payment in late. Stating that they had sent a warning to customers that if payment had been late again they would shut off the power. Yesterday, numerous people found that they were serious, and their electricity was off. Problem is that many have evidence that they did send off the bill, and LG&E has yet to process their checks.
After sending the payment in last week, a family of five was shut off yesterday and to make matters worse, must pay almost double what they owed a “security deposit” that is at least $300.00.
To simplify matters, here is what LG&E is doing: The family mentioned above owed $165 on their LG&E bill. They sent the bill in four days after the due date last week. Mail in Louisville typically is delivered in-city the next day, making the bill five days late when delivered to LG&E. LG&E shuts the electricity off on their residence yesterday. When the resident gets home he then must pay the money due, plus an extra fee for late payment, plus an extra re-connection fee, and a $300 security deposit.
In an effort to address the situation, LG&E states that they have sent letters out to customers who have a habit of being late, and that the security deposit can be paid in four payments. They refuse to admit that their CSR staff will waive the security deposit, regardless of how long the individual has resided in the house and how long they have been a customer of LG&E.

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