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Courier-Journal Article Validates Earlier Post

  Yesterday’s post “Help the Economy- Own Something!” was validated by this morning’s edition of the Courier-Journal. In the article “‘Clunker’ cash lifts automakers, dealers” writer Jere Downs writes of the joy that auto dealers have found in the program “Cash for Clunkers”. As was posted in yesterdays post here, the auto industry as a whole, from the auto makers to the sellers are benefitting greatly from the program brought on by the Obama administration.

  Mr. Downs also validates the fact that the motivation behind the program is the economy. The governement desires that it’s citizens purchase and drive vehicles that have more miles per gallon before. These are not necessarily automobiles that are better constructed, or cheaper to fix. They are just more desired by the government. Also, the fact that these vehicles cause less polution is extremely helpful.

  The program, the article reports, “surprises” Ford. It is doubtful that it will be as much as a shocker for Ford as it will be for the American people when the taxes rise. They most certainly will have to rise, because in order to save 156 million dollars, the government has caused a trillion dollar deficit.

  With numbers like that, the article refuses to validate another truth that was in the post yesterday: The American people will not be able to help the economy by going further in debt and spending money that they do not have, any more than the government can continue spending money on programs with money they do not have.  The best way to help the economy is to own something. Until then, we as Americans are gripping at sand, and treating our money and rights much the same way.

  To read the article at the Courier-Journal by Jere Downs, go to‘Clunker++cash+lifts+automakers++dealers.

  To write to Jere Downs, email him at

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