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Bad Driver Report

Do you tire of seeing them everyone you go? The interstate, street road, dead end- all around are the careless, immature, and ignorant men and women who would much rather please them selves rather than keep you and your family safe.
Everyone speeds once in a while, and honestly speeders may be fast, but they often are not extremely fast, nor disastrous to citizens. There are, however, many drivers who are not caught by the police and who display extremely poor judgment and driving skills. For those individuals seen driving carelessly this section is for you.
Today, the first driver that we have for you is a Caucasian male who was driving the blue Harley-Davidson down Dixie Highway from Valley Station.
You were swerving in between cars at stop lights, while the traffic was stopped and were speeding in effort to get to your destination Thursday at 5:20 p.m. You were right on the rear bumper of a utility van at the corner of Dixie and Ashby Lane, and you cut off two people close to Bethany Lane, and continued on your way southbound on Dixie. Your blonde hair and slight goatee may assist in giving you the appearance of maturity, but your driving skills are evidence that the opposite is very true. Congratulations, sir- you are in our first bad driver report.
Citizens in South Louisville, beware if you see this man on his bike. He deserves a scooter, or better yet, a Huffy.

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