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America’s “Teachable Moment” Courtesy Obama

Typically I am reluctant to comment on matters that do not directly affect Louisville and the citizens of the area. The reluctance is often moved to refusal when it comes to nonsense stated by national leaders who behave or state things in absolute ignorance or outright stupidity. After much debate, and continual press coverage of an issue that has even caused the Courier-Journal to run a local spin on the story of Obama’s statement regarding police actions this week against a noted friend of his, it is now necessary to really discuss the “teachable moments” that President Obama hopes this scenario has provided to the nation regarding this malady.

  All of the “teachable moments” that President Barak Obama states that he wishes this would become to the nation, require the nation to utilize proper logic in their reasoning; in other words, it requires us to utilize the rules of logic that President Obama refused to practice himself. Utilizing that logic, the nation should be able to learn from the “teachable moments” that the president provided for us through this situation.


  The first lesson that the nation can learn from this situation is that the president himself can, and does, act “stupidly”. This may come as an enormous shock to the masses who worship this man, but the president provided evidence himself that he is nothing more that a mortal man. He acted “stupidly” by making a statement based on no other information than what was afforded to the rest of America. Further he had never lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts and he was not familiar with the police department of that city. He also, within in his comment, insinuated that the arresting officer was acting “stupidly” when he had not met or discussed the matter with this officer.


  That is our second lesson- President Barak Obama not only acts “stupidly” but he does so by jumping to conclusions without having access to all pertinent information. Perhaps Barak Obama would not have made the unfortunate comments that he did had he actually had an intelligent conversation with the police department, or at least the arresting officer. Had he done so, he would have discovered that all the officers involved in the scenario supported the arrest of the professor that Obama was so quick to defend- including the officer who was the exact same race as the president and the professor who claimed the police acted inappropriately. Not only that, but in his address on Friday, President Obama insinuated that the police overreacted in arresting professor Henry Louis Gates, and also insinuated that Gates had overreacted towards the police. It could logically be deduced that President Obama is accusing both the police as well as Professor Gates of jumping to conclusions. Interesting that the president is making statements regarding the overreaction of others, when his overreaction brought this news to be covered in the manner that it was. Hypocrisy? Perhaps, but he did jump to conclusions, and that fact is the second lesson that we have from this “teachable moment”.


  The third lesson from this moment is that the president does exhibit a bias towards his friends. One could argue that biasness towards friends and loved ones is natural. Man typically does exhibit a bias when it comes to those that he knows and loves. The problem was that instead of backing out of the situation with the “no comment” statements that he and his people have frequently utilized, he thrusts himself into the story by showing full support to his friend. To make matters worse, this exhibition of biasness by the president could question if the president himself has biasness towards other groups. These groups that could logically question if the president has a bias towards them are police groups, since the president was making the statement regarding police, and white Americans, since the arresting officer, and many of the officers at the scene of the arrest, were white. Even if those groups do not question if the president is bias, one lesson was crystal clear- when it comes down to bias, the president will always support his friends when ignorant of the facts.


  The fourth lesson is that Americans must be on their guard when dealing with this president. Through this situation one could logically conclude that this president, as many before him, is also showing signs that he may be prejudice. When one looks at his affiliations and confrontations in the past, it is possible that the president may have prejudicial tendencies. His former minister, who was over the marriage to his wife and still states that they are friends, and the man in the middle of this controversy, Henry Louis Gates, both accuse white men of exhibiting racism, and both claim to be good friends to the president.


  With these lessons, this nation can thank the president for the “teachable moments” and look forward to the possibility of many more.

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  1. I have HQ audio of the 911 call, Moderator, If you are interested

    Comment by Jason | July 27, 2009 | Reply

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