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Republicans Ripped in Past Elections

With the announcement that Mayor Jerry Abramson will join Governor Steve Beshear in his bid for re-election, some Republicans in the area showed some excitement in the possibility of claiming the seat of mayor. Citing the lowest disapproval of Jerry Abramson since claiming office, many believe that the possibility of claiming the mayor’s seat is within reach.
If history truly does repeat itself, then the chance of a Republican becoming mayor of Metro Louisville, is next to nothing. Since the beginning of Louisville there have been nine Republican mayors.
Though the current mayor’s low approval rating is a plus, time itself may play in to the hands of the minority caucus. History may hinder them, but time may help the Republicans. The last Republican to be mayor of Louisville was Kenneth A. Schmied, who served from 1965 to 1969- forty years ago.
Within the past year, various citizens have shown displeasure to the current mayor and supporters for various issues ranging from a poor deal with the Cordish Group, which is currently under continual review, hiding funds and expenditures, hiring people without being transparent about who is being hired for various positions, and recently, comments stating that Louisville was becoming “blacker” before the merger was voted in.
Citizens may be ready for a Republican to return to the reins of the city.

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