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Resolution Filed Establishing Local Participation on Bi-State Bridge Authority

From the desk(s) of Tony Hyatt, Communications Director for the Majority Caucus, and Steve Haag, Communications Director of the Minority Caucus of the Louisville Metro Council:

Louisville, Ky – Councilman Kevin Kramer (District 11) and Council President David Tandy (District 4) have filed a resolution requesting the mayor appoint a delegation of Metro citizens to serve on the bi-state authority for the purpose of financing, constructing and operating the proposed Ohio River Bridges Project.


“This resolution follows critical bi-partisan action taken to pass HB 3 during last month’s special session of the Kentucky General Assembly. This resolution ensures the people of Louisville and their representatives a seat at the table as the long awaited Ohio River Bridges project moves forward” – Metro Councilman Kevin Kramer


“This starts us down the path of competition for a project that has become vital to Louisville and all of Kentucky. It is crucial to improvement of the flow of traffic along the

1-65 corridor between the two states.” – Metro Council President David Tandy


The resolution will be given its first reading during the Thursday, July 16, 2009 meeting of the Louisville Metro Council and is expected to be sent to the Council’s Transportation and Public Works Committee for discussion. The resolution calls for the Mayor and the Governor to appoint a negotiating team to reach an agreement with Indiana representatives for a bi-state public authority to agree to financing and construction of the Ohio River Bridges Project.


The negotiated agreement would establish the bi-state authority. Kentucky would have seven members on the bi-state authority – four appointed by the mayor with Metro Council approval and three appointed by the governor with Kentucky Senate consent.    The resolution sets the terms of the mayor’s appointments to four years and requests that one of the appointments be a council member.

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