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Who is In (or Out) of Control In Metro

The recent release of the 2008 Payroll Activity Audit that was conducted by the Louisville Metro Government Office of Internal Audit under the direction of Michael S. Norman has brought some notice to the Metro Council. It should also bring about a bit of interest to the citizens of Louisville as well.

  The audit points out various occurrences in the payroll activity that resulted in overpayment of individuals, as well as other details that caused the auditor to the opinion that “the administration of the payroll activity needs improvement”. Under the finding of “Processing Mistakes” there is mentioned an incidence with an employee that was due to be paid for ten days, but the employee was instead paid for eighty days. The result was  “an overpayment of $27,759 in gross pay and Metro pension costs of approximately $9,402”. Though this mishap occurred in April of last year, it was not detected until the Internal Auditor’s office conducted their audit.

  Another payment was not addressed in Personnel Policy, but is of great interest because the employee was paid $85,874 for “service time purchase pay” and an additional $3,385. To make the matters worse, this has been approved, and will continue for another two years. Under this statement, as well as many of the other facts addressed in this audit comes the words “it does not appear that pertinent authorities, such as the County Attorney or Human Resources, reviewed the activity to ensure its appropriations and compliance with applicable laws, requirements, and guidelines.”

  In the Department of Finance and Administration’s Corrective Action Plan, which is included at the end of the audit is a statement that appears to disagree that “pertinent authorities” did not overview the expenditures of the government. The statement also brings about the question of who is really in, or out, of control in the city.

  The Action Plan states that “all of the examples sited under Policy Compliance and Terminated Compensatory Pay were appropriately reviewed and approved by Human Resources, Finance, and the Mayor’s Office.” In the paragraph following this quote, (found on page 12 of 12 in the Audit), is the statement that the Director of Human Resources, “at the direction of the Mayor, established the policies referenced in the report and maintains the authority to make policy decisions on a case by case basis.”

  While the audit states that “pertinent authorities” did not review the various problems with the payroll, the Department of Finance states that they, under the direction of the Mayor’s office, have reviewed the various payroll issues.

  The mayor, Jerry Abramson, has had numerous problems overseeing financial matters. The Cordish Group fiasco, the moneys that he has spent ensuring that friends receive good jobs, his many deputy mayors that receive rather lucrative funds, and now various payroll issues that he directly reviews and “maintains the authority to make policy decisions on a case by case basis.” With all of these issues, and the facts now raised in the current audit, one must wonder: Who is really in, (or out), of control in the Metro?

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Bad Driver Report

Do you tire of seeing them everyone you go? The interstate, street road, dead end- all around are the careless, immature, and ignorant men and women who would much rather please them selves rather than keep you and your family safe.
Everyone speeds once in a while, and honestly speeders may be fast, but they often are not extremely fast, nor disastrous to citizens. There are, however, many drivers who are not caught by the police and who display extremely poor judgment and driving skills. For those individuals seen driving carelessly this section is for you.
Today, the first driver that we have for you is a Caucasian male who was driving the blue Harley-Davidson down Dixie Highway from Valley Station.
You were swerving in between cars at stop lights, while the traffic was stopped and were speeding in effort to get to your destination Thursday at 5:20 p.m. You were right on the rear bumper of a utility van at the corner of Dixie and Ashby Lane, and you cut off two people close to Bethany Lane, and continued on your way southbound on Dixie. Your blonde hair and slight goatee may assist in giving you the appearance of maturity, but your driving skills are evidence that the opposite is very true. Congratulations, sir- you are in our first bad driver report.
Citizens in South Louisville, beware if you see this man on his bike. He deserves a scooter, or better yet, a Huffy.

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Kramer Out as Mayor Hopeful

After receiving the press release the Kelly Downard would not run for mayor yesterday, the question was asked about Kevin Kramer.
Kevin Kramer has been the councilman that the “common man” has come to respect and admire. He speaks common sense and utilizes proper tools of logic. He provides a sense of decency and respect. He is a teacher, father, husband, and is a hard worker for Louisvillians. For these reasons, he is not looking to run for mayor of Louisville when the current mayor, Jerry Abramson’s term is up.
Mr. Kramer has left open the possibility that he may run after his children are out of college, but at the present point in time, he does not believe that he can take away from teaching and spend the full time on a mayoral campaign.
For those who are/were hoping for Kevin Kramer to run for mayor, he is out. He is expected to continue as councilman.

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2008 Payroll Activity Audit

The Louisville Metro Government Office of Internal Audit’s Mr. Michael Norman has been a very busy fellow. He has released some audits that have really been noteworthy, and he issued another one on April 14. This one has to do with the 2008 Payroll Activity.
In his opinion he states “It is our opinion that the administration of payroll activity needs improvement.” To find out why, check out the following link and read the report…

Click to access 3300000729200901442654.PDF

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LG&E/EON Finds Way to Take Money

Controversy in methods of collection is not new to LG&E or it’s parent company, EON. With that as a fact, it is no surprise that they have concocted a new scheme to take money away from new customers. This new scheme could cause a great deal of distaste to people transferring to, or moving to Louisville.
When a new account is started in Louisville with LG&E, a security deposit is assessed, and that deposit differs amongst the people. LG&E will split the fee up for the consumer, but the bill must be paid on time, if not repercussions call for the entire security deposit to be paid on the very next bill. If it is not, representatives of LG&E have stated that the electricity could be terminated until the security deposit and bill are paid in full- with a reconnection fee.
Interestingly enough, LG&E has generated a little bit of buzz around Metro Council as well, as they will be discussing some of the methods of business in a committee today at four p.m.

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Downard Will Not Run For Mayor!

  In a brief press release sent by Steve Haag, Communications Director for the Minority Caucus of Louisville Metro Council, it was announced the Kelly Downard will not run for mayor.

  Mr. Downard ran against the current mayor, Jerry Abramson, during the last election. Since the mayor has announced that he will not be seeking re-election, opting to rather run with Governor Steve Beshear as his Lt. Governor nominee,  much speculation has thrown Mr. Downard’s name into the mix.

  Mr. Kelly Downard is the first Republican to state that he will not be seeking the office, and is the first current member of council to state that they will not be running for the position. Other council members whose names have come up is Jim King, and David Tandy.  At present neither one of these men have committed to running for the position, though  they have not denied the claims.

  Other Republicans whose name has been included is Ken Fleming and Kevin Kramer, but there are various issues that could keep them from running, as they are both up for re-election for their council seats.

  Following is the text of the press release sent from Steve Haag:


Louisville, KY: Metro Councilman Kelly Downard (District 16) has decided against a run for the position of Louisville Metro Mayor in 2010. Councilman Downard, who has served on the Metro Council since the onset of Merger in 2003, stated, “In 2006 I chose to run because I felt change was needed and that this community deserved a fresh voice in local government. Many qualified persons have already announced their interest in leading our community. These bright, qualified new leaders have given me the assurance that a new team will be leading our city as we try to reclaim our spot as a leader among our competitor cities.”


Councilman Downard, who is the vice-chair of the Metro Council’s Budget Committee and Chairman of the Council’s Government Oversight, Accountability, Ethics and Audit Committee, will remain on the Metro Council where he will continue to increase government transparency, seek out efficiencies and fight fraud within Metro Government.

“I would like to thank the hundreds of people who have contacted me and encouraged me to run,” said Downard. “Although my name will not be on the ballot, I pledge to actively work to further our common goals, and ensure that our next mayor will be able to move our community in a positive direction.”

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Murder Kills More Than People…

Few people are familiar with the struggles within the justice system like the prosecutors and defense attorneys. Fewer people know of the injustice within the justice system like those who have been victims. In the upcoming weeks, therealville will inform you of a murder that occurred, the life that it took, the damage that it left behind, and the injustice that occurred to an informant, and the family of the victim.
This story will show that a murder kills more than just people.
In the light of the murder escalation that we have seen here in Louisville, Kentucky comes the story of a resident of Louisville that was murdered in Owensboro doing what he loved to do- running his shop.
In the following weeks you will be introduced to the man who was known as Samuel “Sammy” Garrett, and the men accused of planning, and murdering him: Leonel Martinez, Johnny Gama, Miguel Velazques, and various other people associated with the story.
It is our intent to utilize this story to inform, educate, and motivate this city to change for the better of all citizens.

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Ready For School?

Back to School Sales are picking up as the Jefferson County Schools are gearing up for another school year.
After a rather eventful summer for the Jefferson County School District that included two lawsuits filed against them, JCPS is already sending out student newsletters ensuring that parents are aware that school starts back up on August 13.
In it’s periodical “Parent Connection”, it is reported that the Jefferson County Board of Education has given approval for several changes to the district’s code, (which is entitled “Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline” and the “Student Bill of Rights”.
Within this code there are new rules, or guidelines, including one against the possession of pornographic material on school property. That particular code also prohibits the use of the school computer system of sending and receiving any illegal images, obscene, or “sexually explicit materials”.
Another code that will affect the students is one that both limits and strengthens the ability of the educator to discipline a child who uses various technological devices in the classroom. School officials are now allowed to set their own policy regarding the confiscation of various electronic and technological devices such as game systems, cell phones, and iPods that are disrupting the educational process. Unfortunately, the teachers and administrators can only confiscate the “toys” for no longer than thirty days.

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911 Call Released & Available On Site

therealville has approved a comment by a reader replying to the post “America’s ‘Teachable Moment’ Courtesy Obama”. The comment is the 911 call regarding the case.
To access the call, simply push the “read more” button under the post. Continue reading, and then press “play” to access the call.

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America’s “Teachable Moment” Courtesy Obama

Typically I am reluctant to comment on matters that do not directly affect Louisville and the citizens of the area. The reluctance is often moved to refusal when it comes to nonsense stated by national leaders who behave or state things in absolute ignorance or outright stupidity. After much debate, and continual press coverage of an issue that has even caused the Courier-Journal to run a local spin on the story of Obama’s statement regarding police actions this week against a noted friend of his, it is now necessary to really discuss the “teachable moments” that President Obama hopes this scenario has provided to the nation regarding this malady.

  All of the “teachable moments” that President Barak Obama states that he wishes this would become to the nation, require the nation to utilize proper logic in their reasoning; in other words, it requires us to utilize the rules of logic that President Obama refused to practice himself. Utilizing that logic, the nation should be able to learn from the “teachable moments” that the president provided for us through this situation.


  The first lesson that the nation can learn from this situation is that the president himself can, and does, act “stupidly”. This may come as an enormous shock to the masses who worship this man, but the president provided evidence himself that he is nothing more that a mortal man. He acted “stupidly” by making a statement based on no other information than what was afforded to the rest of America. Further he had never lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts and he was not familiar with the police department of that city. He also, within in his comment, insinuated that the arresting officer was acting “stupidly” when he had not met or discussed the matter with this officer.


  That is our second lesson- President Barak Obama not only acts “stupidly” but he does so by jumping to conclusions without having access to all pertinent information. Perhaps Barak Obama would not have made the unfortunate comments that he did had he actually had an intelligent conversation with the police department, or at least the arresting officer. Had he done so, he would have discovered that all the officers involved in the scenario supported the arrest of the professor that Obama was so quick to defend- including the officer who was the exact same race as the president and the professor who claimed the police acted inappropriately. Not only that, but in his address on Friday, President Obama insinuated that the police overreacted in arresting professor Henry Louis Gates, and also insinuated that Gates had overreacted towards the police. It could logically be deduced that President Obama is accusing both the police as well as Professor Gates of jumping to conclusions. Interesting that the president is making statements regarding the overreaction of others, when his overreaction brought this news to be covered in the manner that it was. Hypocrisy? Perhaps, but he did jump to conclusions, and that fact is the second lesson that we have from this “teachable moment”.


  The third lesson from this moment is that the president does exhibit a bias towards his friends. One could argue that biasness towards friends and loved ones is natural. Man typically does exhibit a bias when it comes to those that he knows and loves. The problem was that instead of backing out of the situation with the “no comment” statements that he and his people have frequently utilized, he thrusts himself into the story by showing full support to his friend. To make matters worse, this exhibition of biasness by the president could question if the president himself has biasness towards other groups. These groups that could logically question if the president has a bias towards them are police groups, since the president was making the statement regarding police, and white Americans, since the arresting officer, and many of the officers at the scene of the arrest, were white. Even if those groups do not question if the president is bias, one lesson was crystal clear- when it comes down to bias, the president will always support his friends when ignorant of the facts.


  The fourth lesson is that Americans must be on their guard when dealing with this president. Through this situation one could logically conclude that this president, as many before him, is also showing signs that he may be prejudice. When one looks at his affiliations and confrontations in the past, it is possible that the president may have prejudicial tendencies. His former minister, who was over the marriage to his wife and still states that they are friends, and the man in the middle of this controversy, Henry Louis Gates, both accuse white men of exhibiting racism, and both claim to be good friends to the president.


  With these lessons, this nation can thank the president for the “teachable moments” and look forward to the possibility of many more.

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