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Is Your Council Rep Tattling On You?

After being shown various reports and research findings this week, some residents have been troubled by what they saw. There council representative could very well be tattling.
After receiving various reports and questions over the past few weeks regarding the Metro Department of Inspections, Permits, and License, a research began utilizing various techniques and sources, including MetroCall, IPL inspectors, contractors, and business owners, as well as the citizens of various areas. From this research, one could draw the conclusion that their council representative is tattling on them, and could very well be costing them hundreds of dollars.
After contacting MetroCall this past week to report a complaint, a concerned citizen of District 14 was informed by the dispatcher that “the councilman had contacted IPL about the grass being in excess of 10 inches last month, but the issue was corrected.” When asked if this council person, (Bob Henderson), contacted IPL many times to report these issues the answer was “it appears so.”
Bob Henderson has had many issues with illegal dumping in the district recently, but now he may be reporting on various issues.
Interestingly enough, he is not the only one that has contacted IPL for various things, nor has he been the only council member to discuss regulations and ordinance violations to IPL.
When questioned about various areas throughout the Metro center, another dispatcher stated that it “apparently” looked like others were reporting violations and requests for inspection at various properties in their area.
It is encouraged by some residential groups to contact your local representative and ask for legislation that would allow the public to see which calls were made into by public officials and which were called by private parties.

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