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IPL Raising Hell

Inspection, Permits, and License Code Enforcement Officer Daniel Schmitt may make more than the $36,129 dollars that he made last year, but he is guaranteed to make many more enemies in District 14 than he did last year- and this could be disastrous to various elected officials in the area.
Though Mr. Schmitt is busy writing out notices of violation regarding serious occurences, many citizens in the district are complaining that he is writing some people up for mediocre nonsense.
This accusation is not new to IPL, nor is it unheard of by the councilman, Bob Henderson. With illegal dumping occuring in that district last week, many expect there to be a great deal of attention on catching anyone who is making the area appear distasteful.
Now, however, IPL and Mr. Henderson are going to hear a new potential complaint, and that is that IPL is fining the wrong individuals. Within one week time two different volunteer firefighters were written up. One for having toys and tools near a garage, and another for having a car parked in the grass.
The firefighter with the car in the grass stated that it was there temporarily, and had Mr. Schmitt talked with him, it could have been moved immediately.

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