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Police Presence Positive Sign Says Residents

This morning a strong police presence on James Madison Way in the Valley Village neighborhood was welcomed with excitement from mothers of small children in the area.
Officer Gregory Allen of the Louisville Metro Police Department parked off of James Madison Way and waited for people to speed up and down the road. He did not have to wait long. Within a half hour time, mothers watched with their children from the windows of their residence as Officer Allen pulled over various vehicles and issued citations for speeding.
Within the past few weeks various residents have gotten together with the intention of starting a Neighborhood Watch/Association in the area. They have called on various officials, including the Metro Police Department to help in keeping their neighborhood safe for children and families.
On James Madison Way, many neighbors can be seen in the evening talking across the street, or even walking to a neighbors’ house to discuss a variety of issues, or help with lawn maintenance.
This morning another positive sign was welcomed, and that was the presence of the police department.
“I thought about sending my son out there to offer him (Officer Allen) some tea.” said one mother. “I am so glad that they are out here. You have kids that like to play and ride bikes out there. If people are not paying attention, there could be an accident that kills a child”.
Though no one is certain how long the police will be present this week, the residents of the area are pleased that they are there.

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