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Henderson’s Office Responds to Illegal Dumping In District

  Yesterday it was reported that there was an illegal dumpsite that was growing at an astonishing rate. That dumpsite is no longer thanks to the proactive work of Bob Henderson (Dem.- Dist, 14), and Metro Waste Management.

  The tires that were initially dumped along Lower River Road not far from the Greenbelt Highway and Farnsley-Moorman Landing were initially reported on the 17th by Councilman Henderson according to Larry and Rosemary Mattingly, Henderson’s legislative assistants. The bathtub was then brought over from another site that Mr. Henderson had located. This tub was brought over “”so that Public Works would not have to make two runs.”

  Mr. Henderson’s office has noted that this dumping has been an issue throughout the Metro area, and that camaras and signs have been posted throughout the area to no avail. Though there were not any signs noticed in the area where this particular incident has occurred, many officials have stated that it does not seem to help posting signs. All officials, including Mr. Henderson’s office has asked that citizens noticing illegal dumping occuring attempt to obtain a description of the vehicle and/or license plate number so that they may be reported. Rosemary Mattingly noted that Waste Management does presecute such instances.

  If anyone is aware of who is dumping illegal in District 14 they have been asked to contact Bob Henderson’s office at (502)574-1114.

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