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Illegal Dumping Growth In District Angers Residents

  What began as a few tires dumped on the side of a road in District 14 has grown into an illegal dumping ground. This dumping ground has angered residents and motorists of the Valley Village Neighborhood, and they want answers, as well as some people to pay for dumping that continues to grow.

  On Lower River Road, not far from the Greenbelt Highway, an individual or group of people dumped approximately fifteen tires on the side of the road. People traveling to MSD Southwest plant as well as LG&E are driving by this stack of what should be recycled trash. The problem is, the trash keeps growing.

  On Saturday, the heap grew to approximately twenty automobile tires. On Sunday morning more tires, including one that was still on the rim was added to the heap. There was another bit of trash that is not often seen on the road there- an old tub.

  It is typical to see papers, plastic and styrofoam cups, or even some bags of trash or dead animals along Lower River Road, but not a growing dumping ground. Citizens that utilize the roadway are concerned about accidents that may occur, as welll as the continual growth that is occurring to the pile. Residents are  becoming frustrated with with the sight of the trash that is turning this friendly neighborhood into an illegal dumpsite. Many are wondering if this is what is to become of the neighborhood- or others sending the area a message of their personal opinions of the district.

  An email is being sent to the councilman of District 14, Bob Henderson, asking him for his thoughts and statements regarding the ever growing heap of garbage on the road as well as certain suggestions to change the continual dumping in the area. Some of those changes include posting signs, as well as the possibility of posting a camara over the typical site.

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