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Mr. Ron Seiter Responds, and an update…

  Last week, Mr. Ron Seiter was noted as being the only individuals to speak at last Thursday’s Metro Council meeting in opposition to the “Litter Ordinance” which will directly effect the Courier-Journal’s distribution of advertisements in the manner that they do at this present point.

  In order to keep integrity intact, and allow a balanced voice of opinion, we have not only approved Mr. Seiter’s response to the  initial post on the Litter Ordinance last Thursday, but also wish to copy it in the post today. Mr. Seiter’s comments were as follows:


I think that this ordinance was made too hastily. The Courier-Journal was trying to negotiate some sort of plan, so that their ads would still be dispersed and the people who didn’t want them would be able to opt out.

Because this ordinance was passed there is a good chance the CJ will discontinue to spread their ads around which will cause a burden upon small businesses who previously relied on that cheap media outlet for advertising. During a time of economic recession small businesses should be protected, rather then trod upon.

Further more, this ordinance creates the potential for political targeting during election season. The “board” that will enforce this ordinance is under control of the Metro Council. The wording in the ordinance is vague enough that people can be found guilty and innocent based on a very fine line. This can make it easier to target political opponents, or other people saying things that are not agreed with by Council members.”

  There are various bits of information that Mr. Seiter was not privy to know at the point of time in which he issued his comments. Though the Courier-Journal has been, and is addressing the issue of these advertisements, there are not any plans at the present time to stop the distribution of the ads here in Jefferson County.

  In a detailed letter from Debra Messenger of the Courier-Journal that was provided to us by a few carriers, the advertisemnts are expected to stop in Bullit County, but will be expected to be delivered in Jefferson County. The carriers are going to expericene a shortage on certain days in various areas; but they are still expected to be delivered. The  Wednesday distribution of certain advertisements may stop, or be stalled, but the advertisements will continue, at least at the present time.

  There have been some reports that have stated that the Courier-Journal will be looking into a possible suit on the issue, but still continues to work with the Metro Council in a manner that is conducive to all parties involved.

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