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Blame the Kids

  Yesterday evening workers and management at  Wal*Mart on Dixie Highway in Valley Station had a slight dilemna, and answered it with a big lie. All to cover what could be a $99.00 loss.

  In the tool department, on a shelf that was exposed to the main aisle were twelve pressure washers. With 1550 psi pressure, they were guaranteed to assist in cleaning house, floors, and vehicles. They were also all under the tag that stated the price of $1.00.. When management was questioned, inquisitors were informed that it was the doing of “kids- teenagers come along and change the signs all the time.” When questioned if they could prove that statedment, and where these “kids” would get the two smaller 00’s as opposed to the large ones of the appropriate marking, a worker turned and walked away.

  Management was then questioned how teenagers could get away with changing the signs on such an item in full view of camaras nd various workers. No answer. When questioned why workers would not notice the false price listed and change it to the appropriate price- no answer. When informed that the store would bee responsible for the price as advertised, the management of the store rebuked the thought. “We are not responsible for what kids do!!” was the response. When asked how management knew it was children up to mischief that was the source of their dilemna, they did not answer. When  asked if management would be willing to prove through video or eyewitness that children were responsible, there was no answer to that challenge. In short, the only answer that the store had to answer their loss was to blame it on kids.

  After this debacle, representatives returned to the same store at five a.m. today, and the sign was appropriately changed to reflect the proper cost; and no “kids” had messed with the sign- yet.

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