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JCPS Extends Transfer Deadline for Fourth Time

 Today parents who were informed that they would know if the hardship transfers for their children, are the recipients of more dreary news. After contacting the Jefferson County Public Schools to ask if their children have been transferred to schools closer to home or work, parents are being informed that they will have to wait longer- this time thirty working days after the initial date of filing for hardship transfers.

  This has many parents more irate than they were previously, with some now looking into the equipment and arrangements necessary to home school their children. Parents are upset that the  school district has changed the time they can be expecting their children to receive the latest transfers four different times. Other parents believe that they know why the district has been neglecting to fulfill their duty in the time frame that they stated: They believe the district has held off on fulfilling the hardship transfers so that parents can not appeal the transfer or lack thereof to the board.

  When a representative contacted Jefferson County Public School District, she was informed that the individual that she was to speak to was in a meeting until noon, and that the hardship transfers would not be released until thirty working days after the transfer request was done. The initial time was fifteen working days, then twenty, increased to twenty-five, and is now at thirty.

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